How We Do It


Our specially designed truck (which is a poweful vacuum cleaner), will come to your home; our expert technician will attach a giant 10-inch hose to your furnace, turn on the power and draw all the dirt from your air-duct system with a "15,000 cubic foot of air per minute" force.

While the system is under suction, all caked residue inside the ducts will be loosened with a patented steel "snake ball" which travels through the ducts by air pressure. As well, the technician cleans every register outlet and return with a 200PSI compressed air hose to ensure a final thorough job.

Step One

Our expert technician removes the blower fan from your furnace and rigs the vacuum suction hose securely from the special truck, from the most convenient place in your home, to your furnace.

Step Two

The 10-inch hose, connected to the fan compartment of the furnace is drawing 15,000 cubic feet of air per minute through the entire duct system.

Step Three

Every air register and return has built on residue loosened by a trained helper, and is then blown clean with a 200PSI compressed air hose by our licensed technician.

Step Four

While the ducts are under suction, we drill one inch holes into the main duct work, then the "snake ball" is bounced through the holes and through every duct channel loosening all caked dirt and dust within.

Step Five

The A/C coil is thoroughly cleaned, as well as the furnace fan, which is then carefully placed back into its compartment. The holes are filled with air-tight plugs.


The entire operation takes a good two hours. Once your air-duct systems are clean, you will notice an incredible difference in efficiency as well as particles in the air of your home.