Duct Cleaning Cost

RESIDENTIAL Duct cleaning Cost

A regular home (apprx. up to 2,200 sq ft) is $389.00.  This price includes the first 15 registers and vents (including hot and cold air returns) and each additional register, vent is $9.00 (plus HST). Also included in the price, Vacu-Man will clean:
– air conditioning coil
– heat exchanger
– blower fan
We accept Cheque, Cash, Visa, Mastercard.  Payment is due upon completion and can be paid to our technician or easily online when the job is completed.

SPECIAL NOTE: Homes with more than 1 furnace, please call for an accurate estimate.


Industrial view at oil refinery plant form industry zone with sunrise and cloudy sky

We pride ourselves on commercial and industrial duct cleaning, and have done so for over 40 years.  Please contact us to set up a FREE estimate appointment. Due to the variety of buildings, we cannot give a cost without an estimate of Commercial & Industrial buildings. Just a reminder that estimates are free of charge!

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