Do you disinfect and sanitize the duct work?

We will do it, but we REALLY do not recommend it.    Reason: Air duct work is made of Galvanized steel that has a protective coating from the factory. Fogging or disinfecting inside the ductwork may cause it to get moisture. In addition oh, this can create more problems with collecting dust from it sticking […]

Is Vacu-Man a member of NADCA?

NO.  Reason: We do not agree or approve of the processes and procedures of NADCA.  As we have over 40 years of experience and understanding of residential and commercial HVAC and air duct cleaning, reviewing their “best practices” are not to a level we would operate as we don’t agree with how they recommend cleaning […]

Can Air Duct Cleaning Kill covid-19?

It won’t. Why do it then? Answer.  The air you breathe within your home is still circulating the dust, hair and debris from outside and further, duct cleaning DOES help with cleaning up the air in your home removing particles that can cause allergies or other respiratory issues. 

Why Vacu-Man to clean your dryer vents?

We are licensed gas technicians; meaning we can work on gas dryers AND electrical.   Gas dryers require a properly licensed tech to work on them. Vacu-Man is fully certified licensed gas techs.  We have the crew you can trust to keep your home clean and safe.

Why clean dryer vents?

Safety – less chance of a dryer fire Savings – less energy used to dry your clothes Service – extends the life of your dryer – when it runs properly; your dryer will last longer.

How much does dryer vent cleaning cost?

Vacu-Man charges for a standard dryer vent cleaning $249, but if you have your ducts and furnace is cleaned at the same time we can add it for only $48 while we are onsite for a standard home.

How long have you been in business?

Over 40 years.  Since 1979, Stephen Oldfield started the duct cleaning business and today his son, Adam Oldfield continues the family tradition of providing the best in cleaning care for homes and business furnace, duct and HVAC units

What makes you different from other duct cleaning companies?

We clean the blower fan, air coils, ducts and vents!   We clean commercial, industrial and residential furnace, HVAC units. We employ licensed gas technicians  for cleaning the vent to the blower fan.  Only techs with gas licenses are allowed to remove, clean and replace your blower fan.