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Are you aware that the air within your home is likely to be more polluted than the air outside?

Regardless of whether you regularly change your air filter, it is a fact that dust and debris gets stuck right inside your ductwork. This can be a serious problem because the air you breathe in your home actually travels through these ducts, and doing nothing about filthy ducts can definitely cause air quality problems.

There’s good news – With Vacu-Man, your days of fretting about this are long gone!

Our family-run business began in Burlington, right out of the garage of the home of our founder, Stephen Oldfield. We believe that experience is invaluable in this field to ensure that your homes are given the best care. This is why our current President learnt the trade under the tutelage of our founder while growing up.

We are absolutely delighted to serve Burlington homes and commercial units with premium service, when it comes to duct cleaning, furnace cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. Over 40 successful years, Vacu-Man has steadily ensured that the homes and offices of residents in Burlington enjoy clean and better air.

Is duct cleaning really necessary for Burlington homes?

It is if you value clean and fresh air in your residential or work area. Dirt, dust, and many other particles find their way into your home and live rent free without your permission. This means that your ductwork can become dirty really fast. Do not wait till it becomes worse to call us and schedule a thorough air duct cleaning.

It is vital to get your ductwork cleaned regularly. However, if you smoke inside your home, an air duct cleaning will ensure that the air quality remains untainted. If you have family members or tenants with long hair or you tend to forget to sweep up the dirt and debris in your home daily, your home would benefit from our touch.

We specialize in the following:

  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Furnace cleaning
  • Dryer Vent cleaning

In addition, you can also order your filters online.

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