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Time to Clean the HVAC System

Air duct cleaning before and after can be an eye-opening experience. One glimpse at the warm air registers or furnace fan compartment and you’ll be staring down a mountain of dirt. In newly-built homes, air ducts can collect an alarming amount of debris from construction like plaster, sawdust, and sand—but regular cleaning keeps your air clean and safe for breathing. Don’t let your ducts turn into a dust bowl—take action and get them cleaned today!

Sure, it might seem like to hassle to keep up with cleaning, but believe us – the consequences of leaving your system dirty are definitely not worth it. Allergies and respiratory reactions could plague you if air isn’t kept properly circulating, your bills will suffer when cleaning costs increase exponentially and air conditioning or heating won’t be as efficient as it should. In short: all that dirt in the HVAC systems sounds kinda grody, right? So don’t push too hard and spring clean the air ducts.

Vacu-Man can rid your furnace and duct systems of this dirt, allowing you to breathe clean air, and making your furnace more efficient. Our thorough cleaning of the checklist on the right produces an exceptional change in air quality.

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Air Duct Cleaning Before and After

Now that you know why a regular duct cleaning is always a good idea, here’s a picture that says a thousand words! Our results don’t lie! Get a Quote today!

Vacu-Man now offers air purifier for your home or office situation.

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