Residential Duct Cleaning

Residential Duct Cleaning Cost

Residential duct cleaning costs a regular home (approximately up to 2,200 sq ft) $349 to clean. This price includes the first 10 registers and air vents (including hot and cold air returns). Each additional register and air vent will cost $10.00 (plus HST). If you would like us to provide a standard 16x25x1 inch filter, the cost is $10.00 (plus HST).


We accept Cheque, Cash, EMT or Visa and Mastercard. Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept Debit Credit Cards. Payment is due upon completion the day we perform services and can be paid to our technician or online when the job is completed. If you do choose to pay by email money transfer, please advise the technician upon their arrival as they will need to process your payment with enough time to receive it before their departure. Thank you for considering Vacu-Man for all your residential Furnace & Duct Cleaning Needs!

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About Duct Cleaning

Vacu-Man has been completing residential jobs since 1980. Our attention to detail makes us a company that provides services beyond standard furnace and duct cleaning. Aside from the normal duct cleaning, we will also clean air conditioning coils within the furnace, heat exchangers, and blower fans.

It is recommended that residential ducts be cleaned every 3-5 years. More frequently in order to remove any mold, dust, dirt or pet hair that has gathered in the ductwork in certain cases. Removing these particles in a timely fashion will improve the air quality of the home by preventing the debris from being blown back out of the air duct. This will benefit homeowners by improving air circulation as well as reducing respiratory issues.

Vacu-Man Promise

Vacu-Man will leave your house cleaner than when we arrived! Before any work begins, we will lay down drop sheets, and put carpet along wall corners where needed and be extremely considerate as a guest in your home. When we run our furnace cleaning vacuum pipes through your home, we always use clean drop sheets to avoid scuffing up floors and carpets. We also put covers on corners to avoid damaging railings and walls.