Formaldehyde – It’s in our air? It's amazing the air that we breathe in our homes. The air we breathe could be contaminated by simply all the new things we buy. Recently Dyson just came out with a new air filtration system focussed on formaldehyde. Little did you know that most of the new products that you purchase, furniture, mattresses, food, cleaning products and even your own body can create formaldehyde. Most of these new products in a few hours will dissolve (mix) into the air we breathe. It is recommended that having your ducts cleaned and furnace fan cleaned out is critical to ensure that [ … ]

Top 3 things to look for with duct cleaning

If you plan to clean your furnace and or ducts in your home — or a commercial building — you'll want to make sure you don't get scammed!!!\ A good rule of thumb is that you have to hire a licensed professional who is a gas technician (Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning) to perform any such work. Although this idea is often not immediately apparent to homeowners trying to deal with the aftermath of renovations, or moving into a new home, starting a new business, it should be a greater consideration in years to come.Some duct cleaning companies who are [ … ]

When DO you know it’s Vacu-Man?

India, and Pakistan have given the duct cleaning services a bad name in the past. In fact, many duct cleaning from these countries have been charged from the CRTC due to violating the DO NOT CALL list. However, they are getting smarter and it's important to understand WHO you're really doing business with. The most recent scam is that these Pakistan companies are calling from Pakistan directly and linking through Facebook "Buy and Sell Groups". They post a legitimate ad, using Vacu-Man as an example but offer a deal of $99 if they personal message them. The post is [ … ]

AC coil plugged could cause flooding

With the climate changing and the issues with storms and floods happening almost daily in the world. The worst is when it's in your basement, directly inside your furnace! How does this happen? The AC coil over time when not properly cleaned gets plugged. As such the condensation backs up and with water not having anywhere to go, ends up all over the floor! Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct cleaning offers the service of ensuring that when we do the job, we work on cleaning the AC coil to ensure that the air flows efficiently and keeps your energy costs lower. [ … ]

Smart Thermostats may not be so smart!

If you're looking to get a smart thermostat, be careful in regards to installing it yourself. As an example, you want to hire a technician to properly install new technology with old equipment.  My father, who has been in the industry over 40 years warned me. These smart devices are not necessarily always the smartest. There has been many complaints in the heating and cooling industry where technicians have commented the number one reason their furnace is not working is because of a smart thermostat is self installed on older equipment.  On the hottest day in July we worked with [ … ]

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day

Jun 30, 2019

We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and we are back on Tuesday July 2, 2019. We are excited and proud to celebrate Canada day and as such we will be taking the day off to relax and enjoy this amazing countries birthday. From all of us in the duct and furnace cleaning business... Happy Canada day. Vacu-Man Management.

A Father, Son business

A Father, Son business

Jun 17, 2019

Adam Oldfield with Steve Oldfield (Vacu-Man founder) I started in the Duct Cleaning business at the age of 12. My father took me with him to weekend jobs to help out. I had the "grunt" job but it was required and I was proud to help Dad. My job was helping grab the pipes, drop sheets, and the cables to ensure that we got the job done quickly and efficiently, followed with cleaning up and prepping the truck to head home. I've learned a lot from my father over the years. He's never one to "give" me anything. He's always [ … ]


Vacu-Man has been providing professional duct and furnace cleaning to customers in Southern Ontario for over 40 years and we are growing an innovative company that is seeking new members to our team! We have been successful over the years with solid contracts for new home builds, repeat customers and commercial accounts. Vacu-Man is a forward-thinking company dedicated to effort, efficiency and effective customer service. As we expand, we are looking for employees that share our strategy. The right candidate that possess the following skills and qualifications will be considered a priority. Candidate must have a valid Class G Licence [ … ]

Vacu-Man sponsors 900 CHML TechTalk

All things tech you can tune into 900 CHML on Fridays to hear the President of Vacu-Man and FPM3 (Adam Oldfield) join Bill Kelly to discuss all the latest in technology that affects our daily lives. Vacu-Man is excited to be the new sponsor of this amazing program that is broadcast LIVE also on Facebook. Tune in to hear all things Tech and as an innovative Duct Cleaning Company we are advanced with all the latest processes to help you get your home duct and furnace cleaned right the first time.

Allergy Season is Here!

Spring is finally here and with it comes flowers, sunshine, rain, and unfortunately, common allergy triggers such as dust and pollen. While it is common to view allergy triggers as a product of the outdoors, the reality is that a lot of dust and pollen gets carried into residential areas and becomes trapped inside peoples’ furnaces and ducts. With spring comes the necessity of spring cleaning. Vacu-Man’s furnace and duct cleaning services are known for efficiently and reliably removing the accumulation of allergy-triggering substances such as dust, pollen, pet fur, plaster, sawdust and even sand (due to construction). This leads [ … ]