corona virus duct cleaning

Can Duct Cleaning Kill Corona Virus?

Corona Virus is happening in the world; currently people are self isolating themselves as a precaution of being safe.  If you’re one of the many that are holding up in your home, you might want to consider getting your ducts and furnace cleaned!  How will cleaning my furnace and duct help with stopping the Corona […]

3 tips to clean air in your home

It’s hard to believe that one of the most critical items in your home that keeps it at the perfect temperature at all times gets neglected usually ALL the time. Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning is all about maintenance! Ensuring that you take care of your home’s temperature is critical as you’ll know when you […]

A Century of Advancement in Tech and Business

Humans have accomplished so much in the past ten years, let alone the past hundred. One hundred years ago, it was 1920; a time known not just for its roaring fun and fancy free outlook, but also for many revolutionary developments in technology. In the 1920’s, there were many incredible inventions: the radio station, the […]

How Much Should Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost?

Vacu-Man has been cleaning ducts and furnaces for over 40 years but we also clean dryer vents.  This is an appliance that is more likely to cause a fire in the home than any other appliance that you have. According to the Ministry of Solicitor General Ontario had over 168 dryer fires in 2011.  Every […]


We are licensed gas technicians; meaning we can work on gas dryers AND electrical.   Gas dryers require a properly licensed tech to work on them. Vacu-Man is fully certified licensed gas techs.  We have the crew you can trust to keep your home clean and safe.


Safety – less chance of a dryer fire Savings – less energy used to dry your clothes Service – extends the life of your dryer – when it runs properly; your dryer will last longer.

Hamilton Inner City Children get a meal and gift!

2019 – Rotary Club of Hamilton Virtual Stockings is once again taking place where FPM3 President Adam Oldfield will be hosting and celebrating with over 700 inner city children at Cathy Wever School. Rotary Club of Hamilton has assisted for many years giving young children the joy of holidays with a warm belly and a […]

Adam Oldfield Teaches Mohawk College

President Adam Oldfield - Teaches Mohawk College

It’s official, President of Vacu-Man Adam Oldfield is returning to Mohawk College as Professor of Radio Sales to enlighten, educate and further train the future sales leaders of tomorrow. As a graduate of Mohawk College, and President of his fathers 40 year old Duct cleaning company, Adam Oldfield has always had a passion to help […]


Licensed HVAC Technician for Furnace and Duct Cleaning Company We are a family run business that is seeking someone looking for a career focused employment and wants to be part of our family.  We are located in Burlington and Hamilton serving Mississauga to Niagara region. We pride ourselves on: Environmentally conscious Long term employment   Treating […]


Vacu-Man is a forward-thinking company dedicated to effort, efficiency and effective customer service. As we expand, we are looking for employees that share our strategy. The right candidate that possess the following skills and qualifications will be considered a priority. Candidate must have a valid Class G Licence with clean abstract. Most work is Monday […]