Turning on the Heat for the Winter - Prepare your Furnace

You know winter is coming when the leaves start yellowing and pumpkin spice becomes the flavour of the day at your favourite coffee shop. Soon, you’ll be turning the furnace on- but before you do that, schedule a furnace and duct cleaning with a duct cleaning specialist, especially if it’s been a while since the […]

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Time to change the Air Filters

The air in your home it’s clear and you don’t think much about it.  Unless you smell something out of the ordinary or you see the smoke and the alarm goes off.  Yet, even though you can’t see it… in the brightest sunlight you’ll notice the particles of dust, dog hair, cat hair and particles […]

warning duct cleaning calls

India Duct Cleaning impersonates Vacu-Man owner

As a furnace and air duct cleaning company, I can honestly tell you there’s nothing more irritating than a soliciting phone call asking if I need my  ducts cleaned. only to find out later as the owner of the company the person on the other end of the line in India is using my business […]



Thanksgiving is the one holiday that’s just not the same without a home-cooked meal. Even the finest restaurants would be hard-pressed to beat roast turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and stuffing made in your own kitchen.  Unfortunately, there are some risks involved when you’re making an elaborate holiday spread. Cooking is the number one cause […]



Vacu-Man is excited to announce that we not only support a living wage, but we are a LIVING WAGE EMPLOYER. We believe that to provide a quality service we need to also stick to a Canadian living wage framework. As a family operated Living Wage Employer for over 40 years, my father had a few […]

How Often is Duct Cleaning Required?

Clean ductwork plays a critical role in indoor air quality but, unfortunately, the public perception of duct cleaning services has been diminished by marketing scams that entice people to make an appointment, only to be upsold on services that double the original quote.  Don’t let these schemes cause you to devalue a service that can […]



Do you have a Dryer?  Then you have Dryer lint.  How often do you clean your Dryer?If it’s not every year…might be time to call a professional to get it cleaned out properly.   Dryer lint can cause the following: Slower drying of clothes…meaning more energy costs. Fire starter – through dryer vent fire More maintenance on […]



I love a deal. Who doesn’t? It’s the art of the sale. The opportunity to save money on a service or product that you would normally spend more on. When you buy a shirt. You get it on sale for $10 versus $150 that’s a really good deal or when someone gives you a first […]

Summer Time Duct Cleaning Specialists

Ontario summers are known for their high heat and humidity, so you will probably have your central air conditioner running non-stop until September arrives. That’s when hidden problems can make themselves known, especially to those family members who have allergies.  Although you go to great lengths to keep your home healthy and comfortable, there may […]