Air duct cleaning Professionals

The Air Duct Cleaning Professionals

Air Duct Cleaning Professionals – Vacu-Man Air Duct Cleaning is not always done by professionals.   Many are annoyed by air duct cleaning soliciting calls that just make you feel like you’re being scammed when it comes to furnace and duct cleaning.   Every year, and season this becomes more and more of an issue […]

dryer vent cleaning from outside


3 REASONS DRYER VENT CLEANING IS IMPORTANT DRYER FIRE First, lint buildup can be a fire hazard. Dryer vents should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent this from happening. Dryer fires are a serious hazard. According to the US Fire Administration 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year. They can cause […]

Share Your Stories Adam Oldfield

Share Your Stories features Vacu-Man President

Adam Oldfield is the President of Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning, a family business that he took over from his father. Adam has faced many challenges since taking over the business, but he has persevered and continued to grow the company. Adam’s biggest challenge has been finding the right team to help him run the […]

Filter VMCC

Time to change the Air Filters

The air in your home is clear and you don’t think much about it.  Unless you smell something out of the ordinary or you see the smoke and the alarm goes off.  Yet, even though you can’t see it… in the brightest sunlight you’ll notice the particles of dust, dog hair, cat hair and particles […]

Women Heros - duct cleaning experts


Today the world celebrates International Women’s Day and Vacu-Man is no exception.  Vacu-Man might have started with Stephen Oldfield on the truck, but Lynn Oldfield (Stephen’s wife and co-owner) was the backbone of the operations managing the phones, the crew, the accounting and truly did everything in the office.     The passing of this amazing woman […]

Allergies in the home

Vent Cleaning services help with clean air?

We all breathe…Why not have clean air? All humans breathe and require clean air to do so.  We all do it without thinking.  We inhale and exhale over and over again.   22,000 times a day we breathe to be more precise according to the Lung Association. Vent cleaning services can help breathe those 22,000 a […]

Best startup canada business in air duct and furnace cleaning

Best Start-up Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning Business.

Best Start-up Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning Business. Best Start-up Furnace and air duct cleaning business goes to Vacu-Man! It’s amazing since we’ve been in business for 40 years as a furnace and air duct cleaning company that began with the founder (father) Stephen Oldfield driving around door knocking, this business is now growing to […]



Covid is in the air…  Ontario is closing down… again. With the Ontario Government latest announcement by the Ontario government the omicron virus is now spreading more than any other variation of Covid. It’s been stated that this virus is much more contagious than the previous covid viruses If your business is now forcing staff […]

duct cleaning calls

Happy New Year! The first duct cleaning call of 2022

I’m writing this in the morning of January 1, 2022. I was just getting the sleep out of my eyes, and realized that the phone was ringing. Thinking I was about to talk with a friend, family member or a customer… I was rudely awakened with the sound of a broken phone call and the […]