mold in air ducts


MOLD IN THE AIR DUCTS? How to remove mold in the ducts is a common question that is asked. Followed by, can Vacu-man remove mold from the air duct system? Keep in mind, many air duct systems are treated with an oil-based covering that allows it to be protected from having anything stick to the […]


Home renovations in Oakville are happening every day. The best thing about the warmer months in Canada is the ability to get some renovations done.   Covid19 forced many to spend their days at home and as such had nowhere to spend their money. This is where renovations began to a degree that forced the […]



July in Canada, tends to be hot, humid and it’s a time when many Canadians in the Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville area are looking to do renovations.   If you installed a new air conditioner, or a new furnace in your home you might feel like you’ve got the shiny new in perfect condition product. However, this is […]

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HAPPY CANADA DAY | Duct Cleaning Canadians

Happy Canada Day, we are duct cleaning canadians! Today we celebrate how awesome it is to be Canadian.   My wife (Michelle, Aboriginal) and I are two of the most proudest people (Canadians) out there. I should mention that Michelle is a member Mohawk Bay of Qunite.  We always brag when we travel outside of […]

Update Your Thermostat Schedule

Update Your Thermostat Schedule

Whether you run a central heating system, furnace, heat pump, or an air conditioner, you’ll need a way to adjust or create a temperature schedule that will make you comfortable. For instance, as you head towards winter, you’ll want an indoor temperature range that’s higher than your typical summer temperatures.  Before the invention of thermostats, […]

Cleaning the Blower Fan


Blower fan cleaning and furnace cleaning are critical to ensure your entire heating and cooling system is done right.

Father and Son Duct Cleaning


As a Family Run Business, Vacu-Man started by Stephen Oldfield and was purchased by Adam Oldfield and Michelle Oldfield in 2019. In 2021, Michelle Oldfield (wife/daughter in law) assumed ownership and has been operating and overseeing the daily operations. Steve Oldfield managed to pay for Adam’s childhood, school and all through cleaning air duct systems […]

Dryer Vent Prevention

Dryer Vent Prevention

Dryer vent prevention is critical. You want to get the lint out. This includes from the back of the dryer and ensuring that the dryer vent pipes leading outside are also cleaned. The major challenge with dryer vent lint  is that once it builds up all it takes is a static electric spark and you […]

This image shows that vacu-man is currently hiring an air duct technician.

Pursue Your Career As A Duct Cleaning Technician

Duct cleaning is something a lot of us dread. We understand the necessity of cleaning your air ducts at home, but it can be such a tedious chore. There’s also the possibility that you will end up wasting your time and energy doing it incorrectly. That’s why it is always better to get a duct […]

kijiji duct cleaning

Kijiji duct cleaning

Kijiji duct cleaning and you will see some very interesting options. In fact, you’ll see multiple options for duct cleaning for $99 or $100 to clean your vents, registers and some even offer sanitizing. These flat rate fees include an unlimited amount of registers and vents. What are you actually getting? Like anything with kijiji […]