Home renovations - Duct Cleaning needed

Is your Hamilton Renovations done?

Is your Hamilton Renovations done?  Your renovations in Hamilton are done for your home!. You’ve gone through rigorous sorting for materials. Looked at several options for flooring, walls, and lights. The home renovation contractor or the work you did yourself is finally complete The drywall dust has been removed and the sawdust swept from the […]

Cleaning AC unit

Cleaning your AC Coil

What is your AC Coil and why do you need to clean it? Your AC coil is an essential part of your air conditioning unit. The AC coil runs refrigerant fluid through it in order to cool the air in your home. However, over time, your AC coil can collect dust and debris in between […]

Air Duct Cleaning Scam - $99

Air Duct Cleaning Scam on Facebook

Over the past few years, the air duct cleaning industry has experienced a surge in air duct cleaning scams. If you live in Ontario, you probably might have received a call with the caller pitching an amazingly cheap air duct cleaning offer for $99 to have your air ducts cleaned. This is one of the […]

Dryer Vent Prevention

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

You might be looking for Dryer Vent cleaning service right now… as the weather forecast predicts, the winter of 2023 is going to be an extremely cold one. And as we all know, when the temperature drops below -0, it becomes very difficult – if not impossible – to clean your dryer vent. The main […]

new home construction duct cleaning

New home construction… time to clean air ducts

A new home construction is an exciting time because it signals new growth and development in the area. It’s also a great opportunity to get a brand new house that is freshly built and painted. New home builds are happening throughout Hamilton, Oakville and Burlington as development and growth is paramount in the Province of […]

Vacu-Man at the Oakville Centre for Performing Arts

Oakville Centre for Performing Arts

Vacu-Man furnace and duct cleaning is a proud member of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce. As a small business, we understand the importance of networking and connecting with other businesses in the community. That’s why we were thrilled to attend the recent Chamber event. It was a wonderful evening, and we had the chance to […]

Indoor Air Quality - Vacu-Man duct cleaning

Indoor Air Quality - You might consider duct cleaning

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a key concern for many people, especially as we spend more time than ever indoors. Poor IAQ can cause a range of health problems, including respiratory infections, headaches and fatigue. You might want to consider air duct cleaning as an option. It can also exacerbate existing conditions such as allergies […]

duct cleaning canadian

HAPPY CANADA DAY | Duct Cleaning Canadians

Happy Canada Day, we are duct cleaning Canadians! Today we celebrate how awesome it is to be Canadian.   My wife (Michelle Oldfield) and I are two of the most proudest people (Canadians) out there. I should mention that Michelle is aboriginal and is a standing member of Mohawk Bay of Qunite.  We always brag […]

Michelle Oldfield | Member of Mohawk Bay of Quinte

National Aboriginal Day - June 21, 2022

National Indigenous Day is an important day not just for those of Aboriginal status, but for everyone in Canada. It is a time to celebrate the contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples, and to recognize the unique challenges they face. For Vacu-Man, it is also an opportunity to celebrate our own history. We […]

Ontario Provincial Debt Clock

Ontario Provincial Debt Clock by Vacu-Man

Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning is a family-run business that is concerned about the Ontario Provincial debt like any other business. However, we understand that taxes are necessary to keep the government running and to pay for important services. We also know that the Ontario economy is strong and diversified, with a variety of sectors […]