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Types of Air Duct Cleaning

There are many types of air duct cleaning.  Vacu-Man furnace and duct cleaning provides negative vacuum pressure throughout the home or HVAC commercial or industrial property.   We have 2 types of large trucks with air duct vacuum machines that have between 8,000 CFM – 15,000 CFM.  This is the volume of air flow to create the vacuum.   Starting at the base of the HVAC (furnace unit) we seal it off and create a vacuum through the entire air duct system.  You can feel confident in choosing Vacu-Man as we have licensed TSSA Gas Techs on our crew!

RESIDENTIAL (Home Duct cleaning)

Types of air duct cleaning residential

A regular home (apprx. up to 2,200 sq ft) is $349.00.  This price includes the first 10 registers and vents (including hot and cold air returns) and each additional register, vent is $10.00 (plus HST). Also included in the price, Vacu-Man will clean:

  • air conditioning coil
  • heat exchanger
  • blower fan

We accept Cheque, Cash, Visa, Mastercard.  Payment is due upon completion and can be paid to our technician or easily online when the job is completed.

SPECIAL NOTE: Homes with more than 1 furnace, please call 905.333.5454 for a free estimate.


Commercial HVAC cleaning

With over 45 years of HVAC and commercial air duct cleaning, we’ve worked in refineries to schools and large commercial complex systems.

Vacu-Man prides itself on commercial and industrial air duct cleaning, and have done so for over 45 years.  Please contact us to set up a FREE estimate appointment. Due to the variety of buildings, we cannot give a cost without an estimate of Commercial & Industrial HVAC air duct buildings. Just a reminder that estimates are free of charge!

Call 905-333-5454 or get a free estimate online.

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