A father, son business

A father, son business that started in 1987 Oakville, Ontario. That was when I started in the Duct Cleaning business at the age of 12. My father took me with him to weekend jobs to help out with loading the pipes into the truck and assisting with cleaning the furnaces. I had the “helper” job but it was required and I was proud to help my Dad. The job was helping grab the pipes, drop sheets, and the cables to ensure that we got the done quickly and efficiently, followed with cleaning up and prepping the duct cleaning truck with each job and for the end of the day. This was just the start of a father, son business.

My father has taught me a lot over the years. He’s never one to “give” me anything. He’s always been there to guide me and answer any question I’ve had though. I was never provided with the money to purchase anything I wanted…I was instructed how to earn my money.

At the age of 16, I remember wanting a car so bad. I was only allowed to buy one that I had to fix. “Only way to learn how to have a car was to repair it.” was my fathers saying. I pushed the car home from down the street which I purchased for $600. Working 2 jobs part time to save up to repair it. I had to get everything for it to be road worthy such as brakes, transmission…you name it…the car was really a wreck. Almost a year after paying for the car I was ready to drive it.


Oldfield legends in duct cleaning

The name “Oldfield” has always been a legend in some way. Barney Oldfield was the first race car driver for Henry Ford so we’ve had mechanic tradesmanship in our blood for years. No matter how much I wanted my Dad to “just do it”…he never did. He told me to purchase the car maintenance book I needed (from Canadian Tire) and then when I had a challenge he’d watch over me and explain what I needed to do. I was frustrated and angry, why can he not just help me just do it. I now know why.

I’ve learned many things from my father, but the most valuable lesson I learned was hard work. It’s satisfying and rewarding…and there is a paycheque earned at the end of it all. These values have been burned into my operations with all businesses I’m involved with and now with Vacu-Man I continue to operate and work with the same principals that my father did when he started the business.

A father, son business continues

Happy Fathers Day to my father, Steve Oldfield, who started Vacu-Man with the vision of doing a fantastic job for all customers and making sure that home furnace and duct systems are properly done the first time!