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Is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

The simple answer is yes!  The furnace (that large machine in your basement or attic) keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

Duct Cleaning history

Duct Cleaning began around 1902 when a device was developed to push air over coils. In 1906, the addition of an atomized sprayer. Water filled ducts spraying mist to cool the air through evaporation was used in textile manufacturing plants.   This of cooled the air in the summer and made yarn easy to spin.

In 1930, freon was found and produced to be used in air conditioning units, which at a cost of $150,000 today would assist in that warm temperature.   

Air Duct Cleaning Services today!

Today we have A-coils, heat exchanger, with a blower fan forcing the warm and cool air through your home and they all can fit in the basement or attic of our home.  The return air is drawn in through the cold air return into the furnace and with that suction it pulls dust, debris, pet hair and other items from the home through the air ducts and back into the house.  

Debris that get pulled into your furnace are stopped through the filter but if they get through will blow into the coil above the heat exchanger.  It is critical to be cleaned on a regular basis to assist with preventing health problems.  How long should you clean your air ducts?  The average is every 3-5 years. That can change based on conditions in your home.  As an example… if you light candles, have pets, smoke in the home.   This would require more frequent cleaning of the air duct unit and your furnace.

Should I just clean the air ducts?

Other questions asked include; Should I just do the furnace cleaning? Or should I just do the duct cleaning?   Vacu-Man’s answer to these questions is always “yes”, you should clean both at the same time.   Would you change the oil but not the filter on your car?    It is important for the indoor air quality and assists with any excessive amounts of dust that can build up in the home.  The air the flows through dirty air ducts are all passing through the blower fan in the furnace.  

The entire air duct and furnace system being cleaned will help with your furnace performance providing better air flow and further energy efficiency (less stress on the blower fan to work).  The only question is WHO should be cleaning your air ducts?  

Vacu-Man has over 45 years of experience cleaning furnaces and air ducts.   We are highly recommended for duct cleaning by heating and cooling technicians as duct cleaning specialists make sure that when we’re done the servicing of the furnace is easier for the tech.  

Vacu-Man provides duct cleaning in Hamilton and we have the most competitive pricing for duct cleaning in Oakville.  We are now expanding our duct cleaning in Mississauga in 2021. A family owned business operating an Ontario duct cleaning company.

We are members of the living wage community and have served the area (cleaning commercial and residential furnace and air duct cleaning… including dryer vents) for 45 years.   We have our free online quote, where you can get a duct cleaning cost in Oakville right away!  Easily book online or call our office to schedule an appointment