air duct cleaning scams


During a CBC radio broadcast interview in November with Dr. Siegel, A PhD professor at the University of Toronto, the topic of discussion was air duct cleaning. The specific topic being how air duct cleaning may not improve air quality, and that in fact, air duct cleaning may not be worth doing due to the amount of dust and debris in the ductwork. After hearing this broadcast Vacu-Man wants to bring clarity that Jeffrey Dr. Siegel was not very clear in his delivery of furnace and duct cleaning information.  

The confusion in the market occurs due to scam duct cleaning companies calling from India, or other parts of the world, offering duct cleaning services for just $99. This was confirmed in the opening interview on CBC.

Dr. Siegel statement remains unclear and on the fence making a point that cleaning your air ducts has no value, and then counterclaiming that option by saying it’s important to take steps to clean your ducts if you have allergies, pets, burn candles or if you’ve had recent Renovations on your home.   

Contaminants in the air will end up in your ducts and eventually enter your furnace. President, Adam Oldfield of Vacuman took it upon himself to email Dr. Siegel and explain how he felt the duct cleaning discussion confused people, as there are scam duct cleaning companies versus legitimate furnace and duct cleaning operators like Vacu-Man.

Mr. Oldfield defined the difference –  There are Duct Cleaning Companies, and there are Furnace and Duct cleaning companies.

How much should it cost?

these are usually companies charging around $99 to $150 and offer to clean your ducts. The person on the other line may sound like they are from overseas. There are areas to be concerned about if you receive solicited phone calls about air duct cleaning from a company with generic names like air duct systems, or air duct cleaning. Often theses solicited calls are pretending to be legitimate furnace air duct cleaning companies typically using other air duct cleaning advertising such as Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning.

Furnace and duct cleaning companies

these companies hire legitimate licensed gas HVAC system technicians who are trained to remove the blower fan in the furnace and work on the AC coils where most of the Dust is collected after cycling through the air duct system.

If you’re looking for a legitimate company It’s always important to do your research. Make sure you look at online reviews and further if you get a phone call offering duct cleaning services, check the website for legitimacy and call the number on the website.

Many scam companies overseas will use fake Toronto phone numbers offering air duct cleaning services in cities such as Hamilton, Burlington,  and Oakville. Even though you remove from the do not call list, they still call!   In some cases these people hired are not bonded or your home is protected from damage or worse!

If you’re looking for a trusted Air Duct cleaner and concerned about a scam.  Then call Vacu-Man for professional bonded air duct cleaning and furnace cleaning.  You should also check with the better Business Bureau. Bottom line: If you paid $99 for duct cleaning you might of been a victim of a duct cleaning scam