Business lockdown not shutdown


Vacu-Man is an essential business and we are here to help.

Business lockdown is not a shutdown. As the province of Ontario goes into another lockdown, we are here as an essential service providing cleaning of your air duct systems, your dryer vents and your furnace. As the warmer weather approaches you’re probably inclined to open the window. Allowing that fresh air in is essential as well.

When you open the window, especially during spring pollen and other allergy causing items that can be pulled into the home. In addition, hair, dust and other particles get pulled into your ventilation system of the furnace and air duct system easily. It’s recommended to clean your furnace and air duct systems once every 3 to 5 years. 

Dryer vent cleaning, depends on how much laundry that you do each week. If you have regular laundry where the dryer is running more than twice a week you should clean every 6 to 8 months. If you do laundry every other week, then once a year will be sufficient for proper removal of dryer lint. Most home fires start because of lint in the dryer vent pipe


Business lockdown does not meaning Vacu-Man is shutdown! This won’t be easy for anyone or business. If you’re going to be stuck inside it might be advantageous to ensure that your home is cleaned from top to bottom through your entire HVAC system ensuring that your air breathed is a little cleaner. Vacu-Man  Has been providing air duct cleaning in Furnace Cleaning for over 45 years and has ensured that many homes that we’ve cleaned in the past will call us back. We take great pride in ensuring that your home is like our own.   


Nothing like a clean office!  Some people are working remote and what better way to ensure that you have a clean office than having your home cleaned for your remote working environment.   The noise is minimal and we will work around your work schedule to ensure that you are not disturbed while having your vents, cold air returns and furnace cleaned.   

Vacu-Man staff have taken great precautions to ensure that we follow all Covid protocols. We do this each day by the following procedures:

  • Covid forms are filled in prior to work each day
  • Wipe down all surfaces of the office and our vehicles when we are done the work
  • Clean out the trucks at the end of each day and ensure it’s ready for the next day.
  • Wearing of masks, gloves and other PPE equipment 

We understand that your home is your castle. We treat all homes like it’s our own, and as a cleaning company, we understand that it’s critical (especially now) to have our employees, equipment following all protocols for your home.  If you live in the Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville area, we are able to assist with cleaning and allowing the air in your home to be cleaner.  Vacu-Man are experts with commercial and industrial cleaning of HVAC units and larger air duct cleaning systems.  We have worked with many restoration companies to get offices, and manufacturers back up and running at full capacity.