furnace cleaning before and after

What's in my furnace?

What’s in my furnace? Vacu-Man was cleaning a home in Burlington, and we always see when we clean the furnace, or the air duct system some interesting items. The furnace cleaning we did had over two inches of dirt that inside the coil of the furnace.

How did so much dirt get in the furnace? 

Over the years, renovations, and just normal dust and debris gets collected and pulled into the furnace of course not all homes will have as bad of a dirt collecting in the HVAC system but proper cleaning of your furnace and ducts is always a good idea. 

dirt in furnace
cleaning the furnace can remove dirt, dust and hair


A consistently asked question… if cleaning the air ducts, and the furnace will make a difference with the indoor air quality of the home by removing dust. The quick answer is yes it will assist, but there’s many factors why dust can still be in the home after you’ve cleaned the furnace and the air duct system.   

Dust comes in all forms just by opening the windows and the door you are tracking in mud from your shoes or when you bring items in from outside they tend to have a little bit of dust on them.

Gross part, we as humans shed our skin regularly especially in the winter when our skin gets dry it actually falls off and can create a lot of dust within your home.  Here are 3 tips for clean air in your home!

Cold air returns are those vents on the walls and in older homes on the floor. You want to make sure you keep the cold air return clear as it’s pulling and sucking air throughout the house into the furnace to allow it to work properly.  


Most of the dust, hair and debris gets pulled in through the cold air return. As you’ve seen dust bunnies, and pet hair that form in the corner of your home and cobwebs in the ceiling of your house…these also get pulled inside the ductwork of your home

As a duct cleaning service company that cleans from top to bottom throughout your house. If you’re a smoker, have pets, or you’ve recently done renovations it’s probably good to have your furnace and air duct cleaned every 3 to 5 years. 


If your’e asking the question what’s in my furnace we’ll help you clean it!  

We serve the Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton area. We also serve Niagara including Grimsby all the way to Brantford. we are a family run business for over 45 years with expertise when it comes to furnace and air duct cleaning. We also clean dryer vents!  

Vacu-Man is not a member of the national air duct cleaning association NADCA.  As we have licensed gas techs that work with our crew that are registered with TSSA