Commercial vs Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial vs Residential Air Duct Cleaning

To some HVAC users, it may seem like there is no difference between commercial and residential air ducts. After all, both air duct systems are manufactured to eliminate dirt, debris, and any other harmful substances.  

Although their common goal is to improve the quality of indoor air, there are some differences. For instance, most residential HVAC systems are installed on the ground while those used in commercial centers are installed on the roof. 

One common similarity is that you need the services of a professional to effectively clean your commercial and residential air duct. Let’s take a sneak peek at how to maintain these air duct systems.

Maintenance of Commercial and Residential Air Duct 

As a matter of fact, maintenance of these air ducts critically means cleaning. If you want your HVAC system running for the duration of its life expectancy, your air duct must be cleaned regularly. Apart from cleaning the air ducts, below are other factors to keep an eye on that will help you keep the entire system working optimally:

  1. Look out for signs of particles blowing out of the vents
  2. Check the system regularly for tears in the ductwork
  3. Be on the lookout for any separation. Separations in the air ducts will affect the air filtering 

So in addition to cleaning, frequently checking on the efficiency of your air ducts will help you avoid further damages that can occur. Don’t forget, if the problem with the air duct is detected early, you will probably have to spend less to fix it. 

Commercial and Residential Air Ducts Cleaning: The Major Differences

Usually, it requires more manpower for effective commercial duct cleaning compared to residential air ducts. But that’s not the only difference between the two. Below are the main differences between a residential and a commercial duct cleaning:

  • Cost: Considering the size of commercial air ducts, it will be more expensive to clean them. Nonetheless, you can also find reliable and trusted companies that can clean your commercial air ducts for an affordable fee. Therefore, the cost of cleaning a residential duct will be lesser.
  • Size: Somehow, the size of both systems has been highlighted here. Naturally, commercial venues occupy more space; therefore it will be ideal that their HVAC systems will be bigger. In other words, commercial duct cleaning will take more time compared to the residential air duct.
  • Professionals: Although it is advisable to use a professional to carry out your residential air duct cleaning services, depending on the size you might be able to do it yourself. As for commercial duct cleaning, you will definitely need to hire a professional. Regardless, always consult with a professional to decrease the risk of further damage if you are unsure.
  • Equipment: Frankly, the equipment used for residential and commercial air duct cleaning varies. Considering the size and complexity of commercial systems, you also need advanced types of equipment for effective cleaning of the air duct. Not to mention commercial systems can be exposed to external factors such as weather. Meanwhile, residential air duct cleaning may not require the same extensive kind of equipment.
  • Timeframe: Although it may be argued either way, residential air cleaning needs to be done consistently unlike commercial systems. Also, considering the size and efficiency of the commercial HVAC systems, cleaning the air duct needs to be done properly and doesn’t require as much monitoring. 

Where to Find a Professional Air Duct Cleaning Company

Since everyone’s on the internet now, you don’t have to go through the struggle of searching through your phonebook to find the nearest air duct cleaning or HVAC company. With a single click online, you can engage a professional to clean your air ducts.

Remember, not all the air duct cleaning companies are viable and can be trusted with your HVAC systems. Considering the sensitivity of the HVAC system, you need the best air duct cleaning company to do a good job. To find a credible air duct cleaning company, look through their reviews and testimonials. You can also base it off on their experience; how long have they been doing this for, what services do they offer, and do they only work with residents or companies as well. Usually, air duct cleaning companies that work with both residential and commercial are way more skilled, have years of experience, and more credibility. 

Final Say

We cannot stop overemphasizing the importance of using a professional to carry out your residential or commercial air cleaning. With the help of a professional, you get improved air and your HVAC system will also function effectively.

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