Entertaining for the Holidays - Beat the Seasonal Rush

Autumn is slowly but surely settling over Hamilton, cooling the air and changing the leaves. For many of us, it’s a reminder that the holiday season (which starts with Thanksgiving, peaks at Christmas, and ends with the New Year) is fast approaching, which means:

  • Family dinners preceded by hours of cooking and baking in the kitchen
  • Festive parties in your flawlessly decorated home

In the midst of all the grocery and gift shopping, you will probably be giving the entire house a deep clean from top to bottom: floors mopped and vacuumed and all surfaces polished and dusted before the decorations go up. You may not be thinking about your ductwork during the rush to make everything celebration-worthy, but you should. In this blog, we’ll explain how often duct cleaning needs to be done, how furnace and duct cleaning belong on this year’s holiday preparation list and how the duct cleaning specialists at Vacu-Man can help.

Your family and guests will have heat when they need it

Don’t be caught without heat while the kids are unwrapping their Christmas presents, or while your guests are drinking a toast to the New Year. Dirty air filters and clogged ductwork force your HVAC system to work extra-hard to deliver a consistent degree of comfort, and a breakdown could occur at the worst possible moment. A duct cleaning specialist can apply a clean filter and clear out the system in advance so you don’t have to worry about the unexpected.

Good times include good air quality

When your furnace and ductwork are clean, indoor air quality is improved. Your guests won’t be calling you afterward to complain about the severe cold they caught at your Christmas get-together and those with breathing issues won’t have to interrupt their merrymaking to go to the ER. You’ll remember the 2020 holiday season as one where everyone enjoyed good food and good company.

Your HVAC system will be more efficient

Furnace and duct cleaning increases efficiency of your HVAC system and will keep your home toasty warm over the holidays without incurring an extra-high energy bill. Even changing the air filter can improve efficiency by up to 15%, so it is important to understand how often duct cleaning should be done by a duct cleaning specialist. 

Your home will be cleaner

Do you dust regularly? Are there some rooms that remain clean while others require constant touch-ups? If so, there may be build-up in the home’s duct system.

When your ductwork accumulates dirt and debris, the heated air from your furnace can push it through the vents and back into your rooms. (It is important to note that invisible contaminants like germs and viruses can also be distributed this way.) After a thorough cleaning, you won’t have to worry about holiday guests sitting on dusty furniture, getting dirt on their clothing, or becoming sick after celebrating at your home.

How often should duct cleaning take place?

You may have questions about how often duct cleaning should be done in your home. The recommended minimum is every three years, but if you haven’t scheduled a cleaning since you bought the home or dust and debris are visible in the vents, call a duct cleaning specialist as soon as possible.

Between shopping for holiday gifts and planning dinner parties, you may feel that you don’t have the time to add yet another task to the list, but by hiring an experienced HVAC and duct cleaning specialist, you can prevent inconvenient surprises and be alerted to small problems that could flare up in the system.

Schedule your holiday furnace cleaning today!

Fall is one of the busiest times of the year for furnace and duct cleaning specialists. Homeowners, conscious of the oncoming cold season and wanting to make their system as efficient as possible for the holidays, are scheduling appointments now, well before their hosting dates, and you should too, so you have one less thing to worry about.

The courteous and experienced team at  Vacu-Man is here to help you make your home both comfortable and energy-efficient all year round. Our holiday calendar is filling up quickly, however, so schedule your free estimate today by filling out the form on our website or by calling 905.333.5454.