Father and Son Duct Cleaning


As a Family Run Business, Vacu-Man started by Stephen Oldfield and was purchased by Adam Oldfield and Michelle Oldfield in 2019. In 2021, Michelle Oldfield (wife/daughter in law) assumed ownership and has been operating and overseeing the daily operations.

Steve Oldfield managed to pay for Adam’s childhood, school and all through cleaning air duct systems along with furnaces.    This wasn’t an easy task as Steve would drive door to door throughout Oakville and Burlington would hand out VacuMan flyers to homes and businesses offering air duct and furnace cleaning services.   In 1980, the cost for duct cleaning was $99 per home.   Steves vision was to create a better indoor air quality for all residential and commercial units. 

Unlike other duct cleaning companies, Steve wanted to build an air duct cleaning business that was the best duct cleaning company in Hamilton.  Vacu-Man does it better….we cleaned the air vents, air ducts, furnace cleaning, air conditioning coils, and the dryer vent.  In the late 1990’s Vacu-Man started cleaning dryer vents and has been building it ever since.


  1. Created an air duct and furnace cleaning company that today is well known throughout the Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville area for it’s quality and amazing service.
  2. Built a (family) business that was able to educate, feed and now pass onto his daughter-in-law and son.
Father and Son Duct Cleaning

We are proud and excited to take the family business and and continue the Steve Oldfield legacy by providing the best in the HVAC air duct and furnace cleaning business which included dryer exhaust cleaning and dryer duct. 

Thank you Dad (Stephen) for creating a business that today has created jobs and provided the best in duct and furnace cleaning throughout all of Hamilton, Burlington and surrounding area.