Cleaning the Blower Fan



Blower fan cleaning isn’t done by everyone. There is a lot of air duct cleaning companies out there. Some have just opened their business today. In fact it’s one of those Industries where companies come and go, open and close and what is it they’re actually providing as in value for those that hire them?

Many air duct cleaning companies will do exactly that. Clean the air duct system only. We like to use the comparison. Hiring these $99 duct cleaning companies is like going to an auto body shop getting an oil change and they don’t touch the Oil filter. You wouldn’t want that for your car, so why would you want to have a dirty furnace and clean air ducts?

3 reasons to have your blower fan cleaned

It’s extremely simple. You clean the furnace from top to bottom.  This includes the Air Conditioning coil, the heat exchange and of course and of course cleaning the blower fan! 

3 reasons cleaning your furnace is important!

  1. Efficiency.  
  2. Allergies
  3. Energy Savings

This will help with your furnace to operate better.  Meaning less stress on the furnace and will last longer.


If you have allergies to dust, dust mites or other particles in the air.  This could help.

ENERGY savings.  

Less restriction of air flow and weight on the blower fan blades means that your furnace uses less energy to push the cold/hot air through your home.  

All of this can be improved by cleaning the blower wheel, and blower motor to ensure that caked on dust and debris is removed from the blower assembly and all aspects of the furnace.   Vacu-Man cleans all the air circulators, the heating and cooling system, motor housing, and ensures that the air mover is all operating when we are done.

New furnace?

It doesn’t matter if your furnace is older, newer, just recently installed.   The furnace can hold “bits” of material from when it was installed (steel shards).  It’s always good to have your furnace and heating system cleaned after installation or after a renovation.  

If you’re going to have your furnace cleaned, you should also include your dryer vent cleaning as well.   The cost is much less, when VacuMan is already onsite cleaning the furnace and duct system…. You could save up to 40% on a regular dryer vent cleaning.

We service the the Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington and surrounding areas.  Feel free to get an estimate online.   We clean both residential and commercial HVAC system.