Home renovations - Duct Cleaning needed

Is your Hamilton Renovations done?

Is your Hamilton Renovations done? 

Your renovations in Hamilton are done for your home!. You’ve gone through rigorous sorting for materials. Looked at several options for flooring, walls, and lights. The home renovation contractor or the work you did yourself is finally complete

Renovations done… time to call Vacu-Man

The drywall dust has been removed and the sawdust swept from the floor. You can still smell the fresh paint on the wall. As you stand back and enjoy your renovated beautiful home. There are a lot of particles that are now floating through your HVAC air duct system.

Cold air returns are the grates that are usually on the floor by the door, or on the wall in the hallway.

Cold air returns pull fresh air into the air duct to circulate either hot or cold and push it back into the home can get through the filter and plug up the AC coil in the furnace and sometimes even the blower fan.

Helpful Tip. 

Do not turn turn on your furnace during the Hamilton Renovation. Especially if you’re cutting, sawing, sanding of drywall or wood.

After your renovations make sure you change the furnace filter after any renovations you’ve had. Try not to run the furnace during the time of any renovations pertaining to sanding drywall or any sawing.

If you had hired a contractor there’s a very good chance during your renovations it was not cleaned correctly. Therefore a lot of the dirt and debris was swept up or vacuumed. However your heating grates are on the ground and it’s very likely something swept inside your air duct system.

This is the time you want to hire a professional air duct cleaning company. One that also cleans the furnace.

Many duct cleaning companies will cut an 8-in hole into the air duct system, attach the vacuum unit and try to vacuum only the cold and hot air duct systems.

The issue with this, is dirt and debris still get through into the furnace. A licensed gas Tech registered under TSSA that is cleaning your air duct system and your furnace will do it thoroughly and professionally.   

Vacu-Man furnace and duct cleaning higher license gas tax registered with the Ontario TSSA and we know through 40 years of cleaning furnaces and air duct systems both residential and commercial in Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton we make sure your entire heating system and cooling system is clean top to bottom.

After that home renovation, you’re going to want to make sure you have everything cleaned properly. Give us a call and we can assist in making sure that your home renovation not only looks good but afterwards any debris left behind is completely removed from your furnace and air duct system.