Home renovations in Oakville are happening every day. The best thing about the warmer months in Canada is the ability to get some renovations done.   Covid19 forced many to spend their days at home and as such had nowhere to spend their money.

This is where renovations began to a degree that forced the lumber prices up, along with other construction materials.   It increased so much that Lumber was more than oil with the cost.   This has changed in the past while, but remains true that if you were going to be sitting on money, might as well use it for home renovations.

Oakville had an increase in renovations from large homes to the smallest condos with many areas having even issues getting help to be hired.  One thing to keep in mind is that when you have any new construction or renovations in your home you’ll want to have duct cleaning after all the work is completed.

Why do you need duct cleaning after home renovations in Oakville?

It doesn’t matter if you did a big kitchen renovation, a small sanding job, painting, or installed a new wall within your home.  It is very likely that the construction project caused debris and small dust particles that could impact the indoor air quality are now in the furnace filter and within the furnace itself.   

This is why you want to have a duct cleaning service done, but ensure that you have the furnace cleaned along with your air duct system when the oakville construction is done!  

There are many oakville duct cleaning scams, so make sure you research and find a reputable company that is high quality.  This can come from referrals from your HVAC maintenance company, or look for those 5 star Google reviews.  They tend to showcase some honest experiences of duct cleaning.


It’s important to have air duct cleaning done even if you move into your new home.  There are many “left over” items that might of been sucked into the HVAC system.  This could include homeowners that were smokers, had pets (cats or dogs) and further didn’t have duct cleaning done in the past.    This can accumulate depending on the age of your home.  


The time from start to finish depends on the situation, but if you had the furnace on during your basement renovation, or home addition, the likelihood of drywall dust and other construction materials is likely to be in your blower fan or in your AC Coil.  It’s usually around 3-4 hours depending on how bad it is.   

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