New furnace? Time to clean it!

July 03, 2020

What’s the difference between a new furnace and an old one?   

Let me start with it’s possibly dirty either way!   The old furnace was probably full of dust, debris, hair and other items.   The NEW furnace, duct system or air conditioning could be filled with debris from the installation.   

It’s good to have your ducts, vents, and furnace cleaned after any installation and that includes the new furnace that you just installed.   Installation or renovation of any kind can have a lot of drywall dust, dirt and debris that can fall onto the ac coil and worse…into the blower fan thus decreasing the air quality!

Vacu-Man furnace and air duct cleaning hires licenced gas technicians that are able to clean heating and cooling systems that other air duct cleaning companies are not licensed or allowed to touch.

We don’t service the furnace, but we do clean it.  That’s the benefit of calling on Vacu-Man.   So we encourage you to install that NEW furnace 100%; but remember that you should clean it as well.  Especially after you’ve done any other renovations.   You can see in this image the before and after of the AC Coil after the installation of the furnace.