Ontario Provincial Debt Clock

Ontario Provincial Debt Clock by Vacu-Man

Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning is a family-run business that is concerned about the Ontario Provincial debt like any other business. However, we understand that taxes are necessary to keep the government running and to pay for important services. We also know that the Ontario economy is strong and diversified, with a variety of sectors contributing to its overall health. That’s why we’re confident that, despite the current challenges, the Ontario economy will continue to thrive. We’re proud to be a part of this province and we’ll continue to do our part to support its growth.

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The Ontario debt has been an ongoing concern since the liberal government under Dalton McGuinty digging deep into the pockets of many Ontario residents. This has resulted in a debt that is calculating even more so during the covid crisis. 

Ontario Provincial debt Clock
This was last updated June 18, 2022. The Ontario Provincial Debt clock will alter each minute of every day

Many Ontario residents were upset with the Liberal government and feel that Dalton McGuinty had betrayed them. Many small businesses were once thriving operations, but now struggling to keep their doors open. This is just one example of how the Ontario debt is affecting businesses and families in the province.

Adam Oldfield is the President of Vacu-Man and FPM3, and he had his agency develop an Ontario debt clock that can be shared through widget on many websites. Adam did this to express the concern of its ongoing increase everyday. The Ontario Debt Clock is a great way for people to see how much debt the government is in and how it’s increasing every day. Adam’s goal is to raise awareness about the government’s debt and to get people to pay attention to it so that something can be done about it. The Ontario Debt Clock is a great tool to use to achieve his goal.

Small businesses are the backbone of the Ontario economy, and they play a vital role in repaying the province’s debt. While taxes can be a burden, they are essential for supporting the services that Ontarians rely on. Inflation can also be a challenge, but by working together, small businesses can make a big difference. By supporting each other and paying our fair share of taxes, we can help to make Ontario a strong and prosperous province.

Please feel free to share and  make sure that every Ontario resident is aware of what is the debt so it doesn’t become a blind problem that we have to deal with in the future. 


Vacu-Man created the debt clock to outline just how much Ontario is in financial turmoil. We had noticed that there was a debt clock for Canada as well as a debt clock for Quebec however somehow Ontario never really did have a counter to calculate exactly how much each Ontario citizens owe. The Vacu-Man team spent countless hours manually adding up all of the numbers in order to bring you an accurate Debt Clock for the province of Ontario. This is a very important task because it allows people to be aware of the growing problem, and perhaps make some changes in their spending habits. To see the Ontario Debt Clock, please visit Vacu-Man’s website to download the widget

When we started this debt clock it cost each citizen of the province $19,308.  Today it’s over $27,000.