Licensed HVAC Technician for Furnace and Duct Cleaning Company Call all HVAC Technicians or HVAC Techs to join our family air duct and furnace cleaning business. We are seeking someone looking for a career focused employment and wants to be part of our family.  We are located in Burlington and Hamilton serving Mississauga to Niagara […]

Vacuman hamilton community foundation

Vacu-Man supports Hamilton Community Foundation

Vacu-Man is once again excited supports the Losani Family Foundation at the Hamilton Community Foundation for the 5th year through this years Turkey Drive. Proceeds from the Turkey Drive will be distributed to charities that focus on families, children, health and the communities that Losani Homes builds, as well as WE Charity (formerly known as Free […]

air duct cleaning scams


During a CBC radio broadcast interview in November with Dr. Siegel, A PhD professor at the University of Toronto, the topic of discussion was air duct cleaning. The specific topic being how air duct cleaning may not improve air quality, and that in fact, air duct cleaning may not be worth doing due to the […]

Winter duct cleaning


The time to turn on the furnace…the temperature is now dropping and that means you’ll be smelling the dust, debris that has fallen into the vents over the past few months. This is our busy time of year at Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning as we try to accommodate all our customers this time of […]

Formaldehyde - It's in our air?

Formaldehyde – It’s in our air? It’s amazing the air that we breathe in our homes. The air we breathe could be contaminated by simply all the new things we buy. Recently Dyson just came out with a new air filtration system focussed on formaldehyde. Little did you know that most of the new products that […]

What to look for in air duct cleaning

Top 3 things to look for with duct cleaning is outlined below. If you plan to clean your furnace and or ducts in your home — or a commercial building — you’ll want to make sure you don’t get scammed!!! A good rule of thumb is that you have to hire a licensed professional who […]

Duct Cleaning Scams!

When DO you know it's Vacu-Man?

AIR DUCT CLEANING SCAMS Air Duct Cleaning Scams come from India and Pakistan. These companies have given the duct cleaning services a bad name in the past. In fact, these countries have been charged from the CRTC due to violating the DO NOT CALL list. However, they are getting smarter and it’s important to understand […]

Trusted air duct cleaning experts

Furnace Leaking water?

With the climate changing and the issues with storms and floods happening almost daily in the world. The worst is when it’s in your basement, directly leaking inside your furnace! How does my furnace leak water? How does this happen? The AC coil over time when not properly cleaned gets plugged. As such the condensation […]

Thermostat - honeywell

Smart Thermostats may not be so smart!

If you’re looking to get a smart thermostat, be careful in regards to installing it yourself. As an example, you want to hire a technician to properly install new technology with old equipment.  My father, who has been in the industry over 40 years warned me. These smart devices are not necessarily always the smartest. […]

Happy Canada Day

We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and we are back on Tuesday July 2, 2019. We are excited and proud to celebrate Canada day and as such we will be taking the day off to relax and enjoy this amazing countries birthday. From all of us in the duct and furnace cleaning […]