reconciliation and Truth

Truth and Reconciliation

Truth and reconciliation is an ongoing process that requires open dialogue and honest reflection from everyone in the community. It is a way for us to come to terms with the truth of our history, and to begin the healing process that is so essential for our future. In order to truly move forward, we must first recognize the hurt that has been inflicted on so many people. We must also take responsibility for the role that we have played in perpetuating these wounds. Only then can we begin to build a new relationship based on trust and respect. The journey towards reconciliation will be long and difficult, but it is one that we must continue to take. together.Vacu-Man is a family owned business that employs and trains native staff members. We are proud to be an inclusive company that is aboriginal owned and have multiple native staff members. Vacu-Man’s mission is to provide employment and training opportunities for native people while also delivering high quality furnace inspection, furnace cleaning and air duct cleaning services to our customers. Our native staff members are highly skilled and trained. We are also passionate about our culture and Vacu-Man’s commitment to inclusion. By working with Vacu-Man, we are able to share our culture with the community and help Vacu-Man deliver on its promise of truth and reconciliation. We are proud to have such a talented and diverse team of employees and look forward to continuing to grow our business with the help of our aboriginal staff members. Please join us in recognizing truth and reconciliation for our aboriginal community and our staff at this time.