reconciliation and Truth

Truth and reconciliation

Truth and reconciliation isn’t merely a principle; it’s an ongoing dialogue, demanding candid introspection and action from every one of us. It compels us to confront our historical missteps and to lay the groundwork for genuine healing. Before progressing as a united community, we must acknowledge the deep-seated pain caused and our own role in perpetuating such suffering. This path to reconciliation, though arduous, is a journey we need to undertake collectively.

Vacu-Man stands as a beacon in this journey. As a family-owned enterprise, our leadership comes from an Aboriginal woman (Michelle Oldfield) and her husband, and we are unyieldingly proud of this heritage. Moreover, we don’t just recognize the importance of inclusion – we actively practice it. We’ve always been committed to creating employment and training avenues for native individuals. Our Aboriginal staff, many of whom have been with us for years, aren’t just employees – they’re skilled professionals, mentors, and leaders.

In this journey towards truth and reconciliation, Vacu-Man has been a driving force. This Aboriginal woman-led, family-owned enterprise is not just an embodiment of heritage, but a proactive advocate for inclusivity. Our commitment extends beyond employing and training native individuals; we take pride in guaranteeing a living wage for all our staff members. As proud members of the Living Wage Network for the past five years, we ensure our staff earn an income that truly affords them a decent living standard.


Our Aboriginal staff, with their wealth of experience and leadership, represent more than just our employee base—they’re the backbone of Vacu-Man. We’re about more than top-notch furnace and air duct cleaning services. We’re about intertwining our cultural richness into the core of our operations. By bringing their unique perspectives to the fore, our Aboriginal employees enrich our cultural awareness and deepen our connection with the community.

We cordially invite you to join us in our commitment to truth, reconciliation, and a fair living wage. Let’s acknowledge the critical role our Aboriginal community and staff members play in molding Vacu-Man into the socially-responsible company it is today.