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Tune in to 900 CHML & 640 Toronto TechTalk: Your Friday Morning Dose of Cleaning Wisdom!

It’s Friday, the day we’ve all been eagerly awaiting! You might be thinking of wrapping up work, treating yourself to a coffee, or pondering your weekend getaway. But before you hit that “out of office” button, there’s something you won’t want to miss: Adam Oldfield, President of Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning, hosting 900 CHML every Friday at 8:50 am!

Why Tune in to TechTalk?

Wondering about the air quality in your home or the mysterious art of furnace and duct cleaning? Worry no more! Toronto TechTalk is your weekly platform for expert cleaning tips and insights. And since it’s hosted by Adam Oldfield, who brings over 40 years of family-run business wisdom, you know you’re getting advice from the best in the game.

Learn from Adam Oldfield, the Maestro of Clean 🎤

Who could be more qualified to navigate you through the maze of cleaning challenges than Adam Oldfield, the multi-talented President of Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning? Adam brings not only decades of specialized experience in furnace and duct cleaning but also a wealth of knowledge in dryer vent maintenance. But wait, there’s more! Adam is a man of many hats. He’s an influential teacher at Mohawk College, shaping young minds in sales and marketing. A recognized leader in business entrepreneurship, especially in leveraging technological advancements, Adam sets the bar high. He’s also an alumnus of Mohawk College’s radio broadcasting program, continually giving back by nurturing the next generation. Think of him as a cleaning superhero, but instead of a cape, he’s armed with cutting-edge equipment and a treasure trove of knowledge—Adam is truly your go-to guy for many things!

No More FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) 📆

Let’s make FOMO a thing of the past! Be sure to tune in to 900 CHML every Friday at 8:50am to glean valuable cleaning knowledge from Adam himself. Trust us, even Marie Kondo would give her seal of approval!

Need Professional Assistance? Look No Further 👨‍🔧

If you find yourself thinking, “This is amazing, but I’d rather entrust this to professionals,” then we’ve got you covered. Adam Oldfield and his team at Vacu-Man are just a call away. Why wait to give your home the sparkling treatment it so rightly deserves? Call Vacu-Man today!

So there you have it! Make your Fridays extra special by tuning in to 900 CHML with Adam Oldfield. Your future self, living in a home free of dust and debris, will definitely thank you. 🌟