Useful Tricks To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Useful Tricks To Improve Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air we breathe in is important to our health. Perhaps, you have heard this a million times, but did you know that bad air quality can have adverse effects on your health? Studies have proven that bad indoor air quality is capable of causing lung cancer in homes. Poor air quality can also cause allergies and other illnesses to you, your friends, and family members. This is why you need to improve the quality of the air in your home and offices. What can you do to improve your indoor air quality? Here are some tips and tricks to improve your air quality so that you can breathe with ease. 

5 Useful Tricks That Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Use Less Toxic Cleaning Materials: Sometimes, the very things you use to clean up your home can pollute the air. Crazy but true: Some of our best soaps and disinfectants contain strong chemicals, e.g., VOCs. These chemicals and compounds can linger in the air or settle on your surfaces long after you have used them.

Although they clean nicely, they are unhealthy and will contaminate the air in your home or office for long hours. To prevent the risk of breathing in these substances, you should use products labelled with low VOC or better yet, look for cleaning materials that have the ‘safer choice’ logo printed on them.

 Proper Ventilation for Kitchens and Bathrooms: Kitchens and bathrooms increase humidity and moisture levels in our homes. That is partly because of your heaters and stovetops. Constant moisture in the air is often a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which do not promote clean air. Proper ventilation will release all the trapped water and keep the air quality at a good standard.

The simplest way to do this is to open your windows. It will let in the fresh air, and it feels terrific! You could also use exhaust fans, or heat extractors to prevent excess moisture from building up in the surrounding area. Something else to keep in mind is to watch out for leaks underneath your sinks.

Use Natural Air Purification Remedies: Plants like Chrysanthemums, Aloe Vera, English Ivy, and Daisies do more than beautification. Studies have shown that they detoxify the atmosphere from toxins and germs as well as create the oxygen we breathe in. So, you get a few features in one when you decide to grow plants: a beautiful home and clean air.

Beeswax is also a good natural air purifier as they release negative ions into the air. This process neutralizes particles that would be otherwise harmful. If you are fond of burning candles, ensure that it is made from beeswax. Be careful not to leave them unattended. 

Frequent Cleaning of Upholstery and Rugs: You should not clean your furniture and rugs only when they seem to be dusty. These items harbour many particles that can come in through the window or be carried around by us. If you fail to clean your furniture, the particles will accumulate and make the air stale. Unfortunately, dry cleaning will not get the job done.

Your chairs, mattresses, and rugs need some good scrubbing from time to time. You can either decide to do the chore yourself, or you could use the services of experts. Hiring professional cleaning services will do a thorough job and improve your indoor air quality.

Hire Air Duct Cleaning Services: Usually, air ducts and vents become clogged over time. This is because your HVAC system circulates and refreshes the air. During the process, particles move around and often end up in the air ducts. Your HVAC system will become dysfunctional, and that stale air will be recycled in your home.

In such cases, cleaning out your air ducts is the only way to improve air quality. You could attempt to do this yourself, or you could hire experienced air duct cleaning services. These are professionals who have the knowledge and skills it takes to complete the process well. Hiring professional services reduces the risk of exposure to dust and allergens.

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