What You Need to Know About Furnace Filters


Many homeowners and business owners with a furnace within their premises are able to notice the difference between having a clean furnace versus a dirty furnace and how it affects the air around. Furnace filters are like sieves with the sole purpose of sieving the guck and dirt that accumulates in the furnace over time. Furnace filters also prevent unwanted air particles from spreading to the rest of the building via air ducts.

An furnace filter is different from an air purifier.

Changing a furnace filter is not a serious issue, but you need to know why you should change it and when to do so. This is where you’ll get to learn more about furnace filters, the benefits of clean furnace filters, when to change one, and how to go about it.

What Are Canadian Furnace Filters?

Canadian Furnace filters are filters designed solely to protect the furnace mechanism and its components from the dust and dirt present in the air. It is also for filtering the air particles that go through the furnace and the ducts that eventually circulates throughout the house or building.

Benefits of Clean Furnace Filters

  1. Output Maximization & Efficiency

The HVAC system is designed in a way that it draws air from the surrounding ducts to function. If the air that it draws is heavy with dust particles and other airborne components, the system will have a hard time using up that air—a clogged furnace filter results in an overworked furnace that uses up more energy. When it begins to use up more energy, you know you’ll be spending more money on your electricity bill.

Cleaning out your filter furnace means having your furnace function at an optimal level while supplying fresh and clean air without any hiccups along with saving you from any unwanted expenses.  

  1. Better Air Quality

One of the functions of furnace filters is to filter the air that passes through the furnace ducts and into the house, ridding it of impurities and guck that could otherwise harm the house’s residents or workers in the building.

A cleaned-out furnace filter will ensure that the air circulating through your furnace is clean and uses it maximally to provide you with that breath of fresh air. 

  1. Better Performance

One of the things that often shortens the lifespan of furnaces is by simply not using furnace filters. This is because furnace filters function to protect the furnace’s mechanism from dirt and other airborne particles.

A dirty furnace filter exerts more stress on the furnace mechanism itself and does not permit it to work optimally and safely. On the other hand, a clean furnace filter makes the distribution of air easy for the furnace, thereby making it last longer and function better. 

How Often Should You Change or Clean Your Furnace Filters?

A clean furnace filter makes a huge difference in your furnace’s functionality and air quality.  For that reason, Vacu-Man and others advise that you change your furnace filters at least every 90 days, depending on how often the furnace works.

But note that some situations would warrant you to change your furnace filters even before then. Always consult professionals to know each filter’s lifespan and check when it is due for a change.

Factors to Consider Before Changing a Furnace Filter

Watch out for these factors when you would like to change your furnace filters:

  • The frequency of usage for your furnace.
  • Dust accumulation right after every home cleaning – do you tend to have dusty surfaces right after cleaning.
  • Your furnace’s energy consumption – if the furnace seems to be consuming more energy than usual, check your furnace filters.
  • Unclean air – if you notice that the air circulating within your space seems dusty or heavy, check your furnace filters for dirt accumulation.

Why You Need a Professional for Your Furnace Filter

The thing about furnace filters and ducts, in general, is that if you are not a professional in that line, you won’t know the best way to install it. It is always best to hire a professional duct cleaning service like Vacu-Man to help deal with everything related to your ducts and furnace. They provide their clients with the best services, the best products, and the maintenance is guaranteed to be top-notch.

One of the reasons you need a professional duct cleaning service like Vacu-Man is that only they can provide some of the best types of Canadian made furnace filters for every furnace system’s needs. While some filters are reusable, others need to be replaced. With Vacu-Man, you’ll know what category your furnace filter falls into and get the best furnace filter in the process. To learn more about furnace filters or any other HVAC related topics, feel free to visit their website.

Another reason why you need these professional services is for maintenance. Vacu-Man offers you the best furnace and duct cleaning maintenance services without any follow up issues. They have years of experience providing services to companies and homes to ensure the proper functioning of your ducts, vents, and furnaces, all for an affordable price that will leave both you and your furnace entirely satisfied.

As the weather has become colder, the need for furnaces becomes higher, and the best way to enjoy the cozy warmth that the furnace provides is by ensuring that the furnace filters are in the right working conditions. Consult Vacu-Man today to know more about their professional duct cleaning services and to book your next duct cleaning appointment. Give your furnace the proper treatment it needs so that your furnace can treat you right during this winter season.