Duct Cleaning Scams!

When DO you know it's Vacu-Man?

India, and Pakistan have given the duct cleaning services a bad name in the past. In fact, many duct cleaning from these countries have been charged from the CRTC due to violating the DO NOT CALL list. However, they are getting smarter and it’s important to understand WHO you’re really doing business with.

The most recent scam is that these Pakistan companies are calling from Pakistan directly and linking through Facebook “Buy and Sell Groups”. They post a legitimate ad, using Vacu-Man as an example but offer a deal of $99 if they personal message them. The post is then removed and the person at the call centre in India/Pakistan is now in contact selling the services. When they commit to the person interest, convicing them that it’s Vacu-Man that is doing the job…they show up from a company based out of Brampton, Ontario or Ajax.

These guys arrive in vans/trucks unmarked, no logo and state they are from ANOTHER duct cleaning company. The most recent was CA Ducts, Devine Duct Cleaning, Toronto Breeze Duct Cleaning Services.

Adam Oldfield, President of Vacu-Man decided…enough is enough. He set out with his wife and staff to go to locations that THOUGHT they were getting Vacu-Man but were deceived. This has resulted in many peoples information, and further giving access to strangers to their home and they ONLY deal with Cash or Credit Card. This doesn’t give you any protection in the case there is an issue.

Here is a quick video summary so far. Vacu-Man, will be continuing our posts of what we find as we are not letting up on this scandal of duct cleaning fake operations and further damaging and possibly stealing your information….in addition to scoping and knowing what’s in YOUR home.