Why clean dryer vent? The bigger question… why are you NOT cleaning your dryer vent? These are just a few reasons to why you should clean the dryer vent!

  • Safety – less chance of a dryer fire
  • Savings – less energy used to dry your clothes
  • Service – extends the life of your dryer – when it runs properly; your dryer will last longer.

These are just a small few items to why. The list also includes, there are many things that can end up in your dryer vent.

Dryer Vent Prevention

Other reasons why to clean your dryer vent?

Animals can crawl in from the outside. These can include chipmunks, snakes or birds. The vent to the outside if not properly maintained can collect lint but also with hot and cold weather can dry the venting (if it’s plastic) causing it to crack and break. This again can result in poor ventilation and further pose another issue with your dryer vent not operating properly.

Depending on the age of your home, the law once allowed for “screws” to be used to connect and join your dryer vent ductwork to vent outside. This is no longer allowed, but if you moved into an older home, those screws could be catching loose lint and building up on the inside. This clogged dryer lint can possibly be the danger of catching on fire within your home.

Cleaning your dryer vent makes so much sense. Vacu-Man serves Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington and now Brantford