Why We Don't Believe in NADCA

Vacu-Man Furnace Cleaning is a company that prides itself on not being a member of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA). 

The reason for this is simple: the principles taught by NADCA regarding the proper way to clean a furnace in an air duct system do not align with Vacu-Man’s beliefs.

One example of this is the practice of fogging and deodorizing or using a brush system which is encouraged by NADCA. This is a practice that Vacu-Man does not encourage, as it can cause more damage in the air duct system. The factory air ducts come from the factory with a protective oil-base, and over time, fogging and deodorizing can remove this oil and create long-term issues. Vacu-Man only recommends using deodorizer fogging when there has been a fire, someone has passed away, or there may be mold within the furnace system through the humidifier. On any other occasion, this practice is not encouraged.

Vacu-Man is HOWEVER licensed by the TSSA, a registered Ontario regulated gas service authority. This license allows their staff to safely and securely clean out furnace systems, air duct systems, and dryer vent systems.

Vacu-Man is a 40-year family-operated and owned business. It was started by Stephen Oldfield in 1979 and is now run by his son, who grew up in the business, starting at the age of 12. Vacu-Man is a company with a long history of providing excellent service to their clients, and they take pride in their work.

While NADCA may be a reputable organization in the air duct cleaning industry, it is important to understand that not all companies believe in their principles. 

Be careful of companies that are from NADCA as many impersonate and further are members of the association that are causing damage to the reputation of air duct cleaning companies.

Vacu-Man is one such company that has its own beliefs regarding the proper way to clean a furnace in an air duct system. Standing behind our practices and have a long history of providing excellent service to their clients.  Call today and get a quote.