warning duct cleaning calls

India Duct Cleaning impersonates Vacu-Man

India duct cleaning impersonates Vacu-Man…and this is not the first time! As a furnace and air duct cleaning company, I can honestly tell you there’s nothing more irritating than a soliciting phone call asking if I need my  ducts cleaned. only to find out later as the owner of the company the person on the other end of the line in India is using my business name. This is the issue when we talk about problems in the country, legitimate businesses that are in the furnace and air duct cleaning industry are being smeared by these phone calls from india.

In 2019, Vacu-Man set out on a mission to find and prove that these companies are doing Injustice for people wanting properly cleaned heating and air conditioning in their homes. It started when Vacu-Man received a phone call asking where our air duct cleaning crew was? We unfortunately did not have any file of providing air duct cleaning in Oakville at that time. When we spoke with the customer directly she informed us that we were going to be showing up at 1:00 p.m. in Oakville and we never arrived.

I took it upon myself to be at the customers house when the supposedly fake Vacu-Man air duct cleaning company of Oakville arrived. I confronted them only to find out that crystal clean services was advised by a call center in India to come to this location. Crystal clean services claimed no knowledge of this, and once again this india air duct cleaning tries to impersonate Vacu-Man.

I did contact the police and tried to file a report of fraud, however was informed by the detective that there is nothing in the criminal code for issues where duct cleaning companies call pretending to be another company!   I was shocked…if it was a “person” then yes they could have done something however they weren’t breaking any laws.

I later went to court and challenged 3 india air duct cleaning companies that impersonated Vacu-Man while selling air duct cleaning service in Burlington and Oakville. We settled out of court, and it appears that the India call center is back again claiming they can do furnace and air duct cleaning for $99 with another duct cleaning scam


This is a warning to everyone, if you’re getting your heating and AC air duct cleaned for $99 you just wasted your money. not only that you probably made yourself susceptible to people who are not bonded and possibly even criminals coming into your home looking in every room.  


We hire registered TSSA licensed gas technicians who are qualified to remove the blower fan and are able to work on your AC coil in addition to ensuring that your air duct cleaning is done properly. For over 40 years, we are a family run business standing by our quality, customer service and finally honesty when it comes to delivering a proper cleaning of your dryer exhaust, dryer vents, air vent systems in addition to the furnace, HVAC and air conditioning to improve the air quality in your home and commercial business. 

Feel free to call or send us an email with any questions you may have. Vacu-Man has been around for 40 years due to the fact that we’ve always provided the best in air duct cleaning in Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville. We are now expanding into the Brantford, St. Catharines