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The Air Duct Cleaning Professionals

Air Duct Cleaning Professionals – Vacu-Man

Air Duct Cleaning is not always done by professionals. Many are annoyed by air duct cleaning soliciting calls that just make you feel like you’re being scammed when it comes to furnace and duct cleaning.   Every year, and season this becomes more and more of an issue where the scammers start calling offering the $99 Duct cleaning.  BBB and Global news did a report on the increase of this happening and what to look for.

There are air duct cleaning companies that are part of NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association). This organization represents air duct cleaning operations throughout the USA and Canada and claims to have “ethics” when it comes to the proper way in training air duct cleaning.nThey even offer training certifications that anyone that pays a fee will receive and as long as the membership dues are paid. The certification exists.  

What about accountability?  

Vacu-Man in 2019 had the situation of a NADCA air duct cleaning company using Vacu-Man name and prepared fake FaceBook advertising to entice people to book with them. Customers were informed that “Vacu-Man would clean their air ducts for $99 – $150”. We were very lucky the customer called and informed us and that ended right away.

Vacu-Man is not a member of NADCA.

There are several reasons Vacu-Man is not a member of NADCA. One reason, as mentioned by another NADCA member, falsely used the Vacu-Man name to fraud out a customer.

The air duct cleaning training and processes are not how we do the job. This includes the air duct cleaning equipment that we also do not use.  

How is Vacu-Man certified and trained to do air duct cleaning then?

We hire licensed Gas technicians that are Ontario certified through the TSSA. This is the Ontario Government regulated training program that ensures that proper training of students understand the correct way of a HVAC system.   

Vacu-Man has been in business for over 45 years. A family owned business that started with Stephen Oldfield and was taken over by Adam Oldfield and his wife Michelle Oldfield in 2019.  


It’s about the process.  There isn’t much Stephen Oldfield didn’t see in his years of operating the business.  This has passed down to the staff of Vacu-Man to this day.  Vacu-Man headquarters are located in downtown Hamilton at 4 Lyndhurst Street.  This is a house and Workshop that is used for training, setting up, and the proper way to clean the furnace and air duct system.

Vacu-Man is also located in Oakville Ontario, with an office at 2275 Upper Middle Road East, Suite 101 Oakville, Ontario L6H 0C3

You can feel confident with the hiring of Vacu-Man as we will assess the job and ensure that it is done right.  If we can’t do it right, we won’t do it all. 

45 years and counting…

Vacu-Man didn’t last this long because we scammed people out of money and when they thought they were getting air duct cleaning it was just a hoax. We thrive on our relationships and the quality of the work we perform.   

Feel confident in hiring the right air duct cleaning team to come into your home to clean the furnace and air ducts so you can breathe easier.

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