Dirty blower fan

Why hire Vacu-Man?

Why hire Vacu-Man?

It’s stories like the following that need to be told. Vacu-Man references how professional we are, 45 years in the business, a family run operation and providing quality and service. 

What does that mean?  

Many times we get a lot of people commenting that our prices are expensive. There’s many reasons the cost is higher than others, but just to identify a few:

  1. We pay a living wage to all our employees
  2. We have licensed TSSA gas technicians on staff that assist with ensuring that the furnace and a coil are cleaned properly. 
  3. 45 Years of experience… includes staff that have worked with the company for 27 years, 18 years, and the current owner of the company started at the age of 12 working for his father.  

This is wonderful, but let’s see how this value really is worth it.  This was (and is common) situation that happens.

When the Vacu-Man crew arrived at a Burlington duct cleaning job, our Sr furnace and duct cleaning gas Tech realized that the ventilator motor was making a whining sound in the blower fan. The Gas tech explained to the homeowner that the ventilator motor on the blower fan sounded like it was going to go. 

In fact the furnace circuit board was so hot that to touch it burned the duct cleaning techs hand. He shut off the furnace, let it cool down and proceeded to clean all the registers, vents, the air ducts and the furnace. 

When completed, the duct cleaning tech turned on the furnace but you could still hear the ventilator motor whining… the duct cleaning tech explained to the owner that it needs to be looked at and possibly even replaced. Further advising that the home owner should contact a service technician to replace the part or to look deeper into the situation.

At around 9:00 p.m. that evening we get a phone call from the homeowner. Unfortunately, the furnace was no longer working. The temperature inside the home was dropping and it was getting colder that evening. 

Immediately Vacu-Man was able to respond and send back our license gas Tech to take a look at the job we did. We explained thoroughly that the blower fan ventilator motor was definitely not working properly as it was over 30 years old and further it was only a matter of time until the circuit board possibly could stop working. 

Vacu-Man managed to get the furnace back on and provide heat back in the house. We spoke with a licensed service technician with the homeowner that evening, took photos of the parts on the furnace shared with the licensed technician and we were able to help the homeowner get his home warm again!

That’s what you get by hiring Vacu-Man! Value of doing a great job… but Vacu-Man as a company care about your home as much as you do.   

These are the air duct cleaning stories we deal with everyday, as it’s important to make sure that your ductwork and your furnace is cleaned properly, you can feel trust in knowing that for 45 years we’ve been in business for this exact reason. Vacu-Man not only cleans and makes sure that the furnace and ductwork is properly done but we’ll make sure that we’ll do everything we can to assist even when we’re finished.   

We can’t speak for the $99 soliciting duct cleaning companies and how they provide their service. Vacu-Man provides duct system cleaning with the goal of customer satisfaction that is more than good customer service it’s about truly caring about YOU the customers hvac system.

You can feel confident when you hire Vacu-Man a licensed air duct cleaning company that we’ll be there to help make sure that we do the job right and assist you through the process. Duct cleaning done giving you peace of mind it was done right!