We are excited to announce that we not only support a living wage, but we are a LIVING WAGE EMPLOYER. We believe that to provide a quality service we need to also stick to a Canadian living wage framework.

As a family operated Living Wage Employer for over 40 years, my father had a few sayings.  Make sure we always do a quality job for the customer and treat your employees fairly and reward them for their time doing the work.  

Ontario duct cleaning companies that promote their services for $99 air duct cleaning are a scam.  I would like to break down the value of duct cleaning for you to understand the “cost”.

The time to travel, setup, do the cleaning, wrapping up and administration for a standard air duct cleaning job should be about 3.5 hours.    Let’s do the math…

3.5 hours at even minimum wage (Ontario laws) as of 2020 $14 per hour.  This would be $49.00 for one person.  Assuming there are 2 air duct cleaning technicians.  That would be $99.00

Truck fuel (estimated travelled 20km) based on CRA .52/km rate, would be about $10.40.  Finally, the operations per hour (taxes, permits, advertising, admin) est. $13.50/hr low end 

X 4 hours would come to $54.00.  

In total, 4 hours of work to remove dust and debris: $163.40 and this is without ANY profit!!  

$99 duct cleaning companies

  1. Are not licensed by Ontario TSSA!
  2. Work for cash and in some cases have criminal records
  3. Up charge when they get to the home, meaning your $99 becomes $500 for simple dryer vent cleaning
  4. People that work with those annoying duct cleaning soliciting call lists from India/Pakistan.  
  5. Only vacuum the vents and registers and WILL NOT touch the furnace. 

How does Vacu-Man know this?   

Our company sued and won in court in 2019 against these $99 Duct Cleaning companies as they used our Vacu-Man name with their advertising and solicitation calls.   

Only licensed Ontario regulated gas technicians certified by the TSSA lead our duct cleaning team. We are fully insured and bonded.  We are proud to be members and stand by the LIVING WAGE NETWORK and unlike the $99 air duct cleaning scam companies.  

When looking for a company that provides the furnace cleaning, air conditioning, air duct systems and of course dryer duct and dryer exhaust cleaning. It’s critical for dryer fire prevention from lint build up to have this cleaned regularly.