Duct Cleaning Scams

Ontario Duct Cleaning Scams continue...

Ontario Duct cleaning scams continue! Once again, the seasons for servicing and maintenance on your HVAC or furnace and duct cleaning is here.  The warnings are clear though… Duct cleaning can and is one of the most scamming industries.   Global News did a report this past month, and even though it was in Alberta, this is a common issue with every province in Canada.   Ontario duct cleaning scams are probably the most across all provinces.  The reality is that legitimate furnace cleaning, dryer vent cleaning companies names are being used by these phone soliciting services.   No matter how many times you report the number, they keep on calling you.   

Like every horror story… you get a phone call.  The voice on the other end throws fear and anxiety into your system.   Yes, it’s a duct cleaning company!!  They call you during dinner, during the day, weekends and further annoy you with offers like $99 for cleaning your air ducts

Duct cleaning scam warnings.

This video is fantastic as it speaks to how to properly confirm if the business you’re possibly going to hire is real or is it a scam?  You want to ensure that you don’t give your personal information to any phone solicitor.  In fact, you shouldn’t give any information about yourself if you answered the phone.   When it comes to a credible air duct cleaning company, you will have to do the research and further, you should be calling the air duct cleaning company yourself.   You may want to confirm they are bbb accredited or haven’t been reported.   They should have proper google reviews.  3.0 and up is probably a good number to work with.   Not all duct cleaning companies are perfect and there are many fake impersonating companies that will ruin or damage legit companies online.  

You want a business that also employs gas technicians (Vacu-Man duct cleaning).  Your furnace is most likely gas and forced air, meaning it has a blower fan and further an air conditioning coil.  These require experts that are properly trained by Ontario Government regulated trades school with a G3 or G2 gas license.   You don’t want to trust the furnace to anyone, that doesn’t have these proper furnace heating ventilation and air cleaning experience.  HVAC equipment shouldn’t be cleaned by just anyone as the HVAC system could be damaged or even beyond repair.   It’s not just the furnace that needs to be cleaned, you want to clean the ventilation and air conditioning.  The air conditioning system (cold air return) is where most of the dust and debris get caught.   The cleaning of the heated and cooling systems, again, should be done by properly trained experts.

Then there is your clothes dryer.  One of the most impactful areas of the home when it comes to lint getting trapped and where the heated air can in some cases cause a fire.  Most home fires start from a plugged dryer exhaust due to lint traps not getting cleaned.   The duct cleaning services rep, like Vacu-Man can properly clean these fire hazards so you can feel safe knowing your clothes are dried, but your home isn’t going to be fried.   

In summary, please be careful, do your research and select an accredited business that has a great reputation when it comes to providing air duct cleaning, furnace cleaning and dryer vent cleaning in your home or office.