corona virus duct cleaning

Can Duct Cleaning Kill Corona Virus?

Corona Virus is happening in the world; currently people are self isolating themselves as a precaution of being safe. If you’re one of the many that are holding up in your home, you might want to consider getting your ducts and furnace cleaned! 

How will cleaning my furnace and duct help with stopping the Corona virus?  
Answer. It won’t.

Why do it then?
Answer.  The air you breathe within your home is still circulating the dust, hair and debris from outside and further, duct cleaning DOES help with cleaning up the air in your home removing particles that can cause allergies or other respiratory issues.   

Let me start by saying, that duct and furnace cleaning will NOT kill or remove the virus.   Vacu-Man is a duct cleaning company that has been around for over

45 years, is family owned and operated. As a certified duct cleaning services company we have the experience to ensure that your home, office and commercial building is cleaned properly, removing the debris that causes allergic reaction through pet dander, dust mites, that can cause allergy and asthma through the quality of your home air or office.  

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