Duct cleaning FAQs

What makes you different from other duct cleaning companies?

We clean the blower fan, air coils, air ducts and vents!   We clean commercial, industrial and residential furnace, HVAC units. We have on staff TSSA licensed techs with G2 and G3 gas licenses are allowed to remove, clean and replace your blower fan.

Does Vacu-Man use a duct cleaning brush

No. Negative air pressure is a must when it comes to cleaning air ducts – and it goes without saying that you should definitely steer clear of the brush system. Trying to use one of those can cause major damage; the whip or brush could get stuck on screws or things protruding from the air duct system, which will end up destroying the oil lining base. So if you want to make sure your air ducts stay nice and intact, negative air pressure cleaning is the only way to go!  We have over 40 years of experience understanding the right way to do duct cleaning

Do you disinfect and sanitize the duct work?

We will do it, but we REALLY do not recommend it.   

Reason: Air duct work is made of Galvanized steel that has a protective coating from the factory. Fogging or disinfecting inside the ductwork may cause it to get moisture. In addition, this can create more problems with collecting dust from it sticking to the inside of your ductwork.  Further any company claiming that the sanitize and disinfectant will kill a virus is wrong.  Even after you disinfect, if the virus is in the air it can easily circulate again.

Is Vacu-Man a member of NADCA?


Reason: We do not agree or approve of the processes and procedures of NADCA.  Vacu-Man has over 45 years of experience and understanding of residential and commercial HVAC and air duct cleaning.  We even clean Dryer Vents.   NADCA “best practices” are not to a level Vacu-Man accepts to operate as we don’t agree with how they recommend cleaning air duct and furnaces.  

Why clean dryer vents?
  • Safety – less chance of a dryer fire
  • Savings – less energy used to dry your clothes
  • Service – extends the life of your dryer – when it runs properly; your dryer will last longer.

We employs licensed gas technicians; meaning we can work on gas dryers AND electrical.   Gas dryers require a properly licensed tech to work on them. Vacu-Man has fully certified licensed gas techs on staff.  These include both TSSA G3 and G2 techs.  We also have the duct and furnace cleaning crew you can trust to keep your home clean and safe.

How much does dryer vent cleaning cost?

Vacu-Man’s rates vary based on the location of your dryer vent and where it exhausts from your home. For the basement and main floor, prices start at $189. The second floor costs $199, and the third floor, with an exhaust to the roof, is $349.

Additionally, if you choose to have your air ducts and furnace cleaned at the same time, we offer a discounted rate. For units on the basement or main floor, the add-on service is $79. For the second floor, the cost is $99 if the vent exhausts to the wall. If the vent exhausts to the roof, the add-on service is $325.

How long have you been in business?

Over 45 years.  Since 1979, Stephen Oldfield (TSSA G2 Ticket) started the duct cleaning business and today his son, Adam Oldfield and his wife Michelle Oldfield continues the family tradition of providing the best in air duct cleaning and furnace cleaning care for homes and commercial business duct and HVAC units

What cities are you located in?
Are you the duct cleaning company that call me all the time?

No. Absolutely not!
That is not Vacu-Man.  We only call if you call for air duct cleaning, furnace cleaning or dryer vent cleaning or if you were a customer in the past!  We have many India companies that use our name to try to convince you to use their duct cleaning service.

Should I clean my dryer vent?

Yes, you should clean your dryer vent.

The dryer is constantly collecting lint and debris from your dryer.  You’ve removed lint regularly from your dryer; you will want to have your dryer vent cleaned.  This is also important also as sometimes animals can climb into the dryer vent on the side of the house!

How much is duct cleaning?

Vacu-Man offers duct cleaning services starting at $279 plus HST for the first 10 registers. Any additional registers are priced at $10 each.

For combined furnace and duct cleaning, the base price is $349 plus HST for the first 10 registers, with an extra $10 for each additional register. This package includes comprehensive furnace cleaning (covering the blower fan, heat exchanger, and AC coil) and duct cleaning for up to 10 registers.
If you know how many registers you have in your home, click HERE to try our Pricing Calculator for an instant quote!

What is the difference between a hot and a cold air register?

Hot air registers are referred to as the supply. This is where the warm air comes out of your furnace to heat your home. The cold air registers are referred to as “the return.” This is where the air enters the air duct system and is drawn towards the blower fan, which sends the air back through the supply. The hot air register is where the warm air comes from the furnace and circulates through your home. The cold air return is where the air from your home enters the air duct system and is drawn towards the furnace to be heated or cooled. By circulating the air through the home, it helps to even out the temperature and create a comfortable environment.

Hot air vent and cold air return

How do you clean to the air conditioning coil?

Vacu-Man trained air duct cleaning technicians are trained to gain access to the Air Conditioning Coil through various means. Most air conditioning coils have a patch or door access.  It’s important to clean the AC coil as it can build up with dirt, dust and debris over time.

Dirt in the furnace Vacu-Man

Dirt in the furnace? or Air Condition coil?

Should we move furniture from over our registers?

Furniture over registers needs to be removed If possible, we would appreciate access to all the air registers and air vents. If there is a heavy item over the register, be sure to let our air duct cleaning technicians know.

How much room do you need to clean the furnace?

To clean the furnace, we need around 3 feet around the furnace to clean it properly.  We need access to both the back and the front of the furnace area, as much as possible is appreciated.

Furnace hookup with vacuum

How often do my air ducts need to be cleaned?

Air ducts need to be cleaned in an average home usually every 3-5 years. This changes to be sooner if you have pets, (cats, dogs) light candles regularly, smoke in the home, or you’ve recently done any renovations.  If you have allergies with pollen then it’s advisable to have it done within 3 years.

How long to clean air ducts?

How long to clean air ducts depends on how dirty your home is and how big your home is. It usually takes 2.5 – 4 hours to clean air ducts.  If you have 2 furnaces or more than 20 registers, it can take up to 5-6 hours.