Do you have a Dryer?  
Then you have Dryer lint. 

How often do you clean your Dryer?
If it’s not every year…might be time to call a professional to get it cleaned out properly.  

Dryer lint can cause the following:

  • Slower drying of clothes…meaning more energy costs.
  • Fire starter – through dryer vent fire
  • More maintenance on your dryer

Vacu-Man has started showcasing the dryer vent cleaning through a series of videos called Dryer Vent Diaries.  These are a series of actual dryer lint traps that have captured tons of lint through the drying cycle and collecting this debris in the venting system.  

The dryer duct is one of those areas that you sometimes forget about…as the clothes dryer is just something that always works.   You add your clothes to the dryer, then the fabric softener and you’re good.   Fresh clothes ready to wear for another day.   

The reality is that your exhaust duct for the dryer is more of a fire hazard than cooking oil in the kitchen.   According to the national fire protection it was shared that dryer fires account for a majority of home fires.  This can be done as the lint screen gets clogged and further you feel that you’re removing the lint from the dryer itself can do the job.  However, lint can end up in the vent pipe and eventually (over time) will get plugged and will need to be cleaned.


Vacu-Man not only does duct cleaning we specialize in dryer vent cleaning as well.  We believe in fire prevention as much as we do providing a home that has less debris and dust floating around in it. 

It’s more than likely your dryer vents through the side or back of the home.  In some cases (rare) the dryer vent is on the roof.  This is where you need Vacu-Man that has properly trained staff  and is capable of climbing on the roof to properly vent/clean the dryer lint.  This is not the ideal spot for a dryer vent to be, as explained lint from your dryer will collect much quicker.  Gravity and science can’t stop dryer lint from clogging up and pretty soon you’ll have the fire department visiting!

Remember, you can always clean your dryer vent yourself at the base of the dryer…pull it out and you can either remove the lint or vacuum it out. If you’re not comfortable doing that

Be preventative and call Vacu-Man today to help with cleaning your dryer vent and further saving you money and making your dryer last longer!  We service Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Grimsby and now St. Catharines