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How Much Should Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost?

Vacu-Man has been cleaning ducts and furnaces for over 40 years but we also clean dryer vents.  This is an appliance that is more likely to cause a fire in the home than any other appliance that you have.

According to the Ministry of Solicitor General Ontario had over 168 dryer fires in 2011.  Every one of them was caused by a lint build up.  It’s suggested of what you want to prepare for with the installation of a dryer vent, and further the maintenance of your vents.  The key thing to remember is that you DO NOT want a plastic dryer vent pipe/vent as it’s the most likely to hold and catch fire from the lint build-up.

Top things to see if you need to clean the vents:

1. Takes longer to dry clothes.  If it’s taking over an hour to dry a load of clothes.
2. It’s warmer in the room from the dryer.  The hot air can’t vent properly.

Not only is it dangerous, but it’s also expensive to have this happen as electricity costs in Ontario keep going up.   Why waste the energy and further put your family in danger from this simple cleaning procedure.

How Much Does Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost?  

Vacu-Man charges for a standard dryer vent cleaning $199, but if you have your ducts and furnace is cleaned at the same time we can add it for only $40 while we are onsite for a standard home.

Why clean your Dryer Vents?

1. Safety – less chance of a dryer fire
2. Savings – less energy used to dry your clothes
3. Service – extends the life of your dryer – when it runs properly; your dryer will last longer.

Why Vacu-Man to clean your dryer vents?  

We have licensed gas technicians; meaning we can work on gas dryers AND electrical.   Gas dryers require a properly licensed tech to work on them. Vacu-Man is fully certified and with employees that have worked with us for over 27 years.  We have the crew you can trust to keep your home clean and safe. 

Call Vacu-Man for a quote or visit our FREE ESTIMATE to ensure that your home or commercial property is safe from a possible dryer fire.