Dust in the house


Dust gets in the house especially when the warm weather comes.  It makes us want to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. We’ve been cooped up not only with a quarantine due to covid but also because of the cooler weather we’ve had.

During the winter weather sanding, salting of the roads tends to keep on the ground. Of course street sweepers will roll by and russell up that dust or a good windstorm will create dust that will then circulate back into the home.  

Dust is a natural thing. Our body sheds constantly, the world around us is blowing small particles… in other words dust.  Dust is defined as hair, fibres from clothing, dust mites, bits of dead insects, dirt particles, pollen and even small specks of plastic.  

So how does dust get in the house? 

  • Shoes
  • The door opening and closing 
  • Windows remain open to let air through
  • Your body shedding
  • Insects, bugs and other little critters

You may have a fan in the house circulating the air and of course where does dust go?


Not only does it flow through the home it gets pulled into the cold air return (air duct)  directly into the furnace circulating back into the house. Your furnace filter should catch most of the dust particles and debris that gets pulled into the air duct system. However those small particles are capable of getting even through a filter and over time collect inside the furnace.

Air circulates inside the furnace through an air blower system which as it spins creates electricity that can draw the dust particles directly to it allowing it to stick and accumulate.

Vacu-Man furnace and duct cleaning will remove the dust particles from the air system in your home including the AC coil and the blower fan. No matter the size of your home or where your home is located dust is a natural item that will get inside your HVAC system.  

It should be noted that Hamilton is known to have more dust and dirt debris in the air. This is partially due to the sandy beaches, the industrial area tends to create more dust in the air than other areas. Many homes in Hamilton have even had dust over vehicles and outdoor furniture.

Oakville and Burlington, Grimsby and St. Catherines (Niagara) still have dust issues, but with our experience, dust and dirt come from new home developments, construction or other ways depending on where you’re home is located (downtown, or in an industrial area). These are all factors that can impact the amount of dust that can crawl into your home or office.