Winter is coming - furnace inspection

How to prepare your furnace for winter

How to prepare your furnace for winter? You know winter is coming when the leaves start yellowing and pumpkin spice becomes the flavour of the day at your favourite coffee shop. Soon, you’ll be turning the furnace on- but before you do that, schedule a furnace and duct cleaning with a duct cleaning specialist, especially if it’s been a while since the last inspection and tune-up.

Winter is coming… Time to book your Furnace Inspection

Regular cleaning and getting your furnace prepared is an important part of keeping your furnace in top shape. Vacu-Man furnace and duct cleaning explains how scheduling a seasonal HVAC system Furnace inspection and cleanup can help ensure efficient performance and keep you and your family warm during an Ontario winter. We will also discuss  how often duct cleaning needs to be done in order to keep your home clean, fresh and efficient.

Filter changes increase efficiency

Changing your filter can save you up to 15% on your energy bill and maximize the HVAC system’s performance and longevity. When filters clog up, they can:

  • Have a negative impact on indoor air quality, which can aggravate respiratory illnesses such as asthma.
  • Limit airflow, which can strain the fan motor over time and eventually cause it to break down. 
  • Increase energy costs due to the overworking fan motor.
  • Clog your ductwork with dirt and contaminants that can decrease the working life of your HVAC system.

Often people wonder how often duct cleaning needs to be done and how often filters need to be changed. On average, you should replace your filter every one to three months- more often if you have pets or a smoker in your household. Although a duct cleaning specialist can put in a new filter as part of an overall system cleaning, this is one efficiency measure you can easily do on your own.

Clean ducts means healthy airflow

When your HVAC system works to keep your family cool during the summer months, a lot of contaminants can end up in the ductwork. Dirt, dust, and allergens like pollen and pet dander can all collect in the ducts and cause problems with both air quality and flow throughout the house. Once your ducts are clear, you’ll enjoy comfortable indoor conditions without straining the furnace.

Pests are evicted

Air ducts are a common nesting site for insects, rodents, and other types of pests. The nesting materials, shed fur or exoskeletons, and droppings all contribute to unhealthy indoor air quality and can be blown into the rooms along with the heated air. A duct cleaning specialist will remove all of these contaminants and recommend ways that you can prevent them from becoming a problem over the winter. If you need a local Pest Control company, we recommend Action Pest!

Mold disappears

If you’ve had a wet summer and fall rains are at their usual levels, it can create damp conditions in the ductwork system that eventually lead to mold growth. When mold starts spreading through uncleaned air ducts, your family can become seriously ill from breathing in the spores. A duct cleaning specialist will clear away any outbreaks and sanitize the system to discourage a repeat occurrence.

No burning odour

You’ve probably noticed that your furnace emits a musty, burning odour when you turn it on for the winter. This happens when the dust that has accumulated over the spring and summer burns off during the surge of heat. While it’s not a cause for concern and usually disappears after a few hours, the smell is an unpleasant reminder that the system is dirty. A thorough cleaning will limit the amount of odour you have to deal with once the furnace is called to active duty.

Your home will be cleaner this winter

Have you ever spent hours dusting your home, only to find a fine layer of dust over everything the next day? When your air ducts are dirty, dust is blown back into all the rooms each time the furnace comes on. Getting your ducts cleaned by a duct cleaning specialist will result in cleaner air circulating everywhere and, consequently, less time between dustings. You should also change the furnace filters to have it prepared for the winter.

How often should duct cleaning take place?

Homeowners frequently wonder how often duct cleaning needs to be done. At the very least, it should be performed every two years, but if you notice dust and dirt around the air vents or the air has a musty smell, you may have to call a duct cleaning specialist sooner.

Schedule your fall furnace Inspection and cleaning today!

Fall is the ideal time to schedule a furnace inspection and air duct cleaning, which is why it’s also the busiest season for duct cleaning specialists. Vacu-Man can help given an overview to how to prepare your furnace for winter. To ensure that your system is ready before the cold sets in, call a professional now.

The qualified and experienced technicians at Vacu-Man will thoroughly inspect and clean your system so that it runs more reliably and efficiently this coming winter. To schedule a free estimate or get more information about booking an appointment, please visit our website or call 905.333.5454 today.