Time to change the Air Filters

The air in your home is clear and you don’t think much about it.  Unless you smell something out of the ordinary or you see the smoke and the alarm goes off.  Yet, even though you can’t see it… in the brightest sunlight you’ll notice the particles of dust, dog hair, cat hair and particles floating through the air. 

Where does it all go?

On the ground, the counters, the walls…and into the air ducts and furnace. It gets sucked through the cold air returns on the wall, through your furnace filter and then the air circulates again back into the home. 

That filter collects a lot of dust and debris.  The heavy stuff gets caught on the blower fan on the furnace and the dog, cat hair and other items can get stuck on your air conditioner coil.  

This is why you want to change your air filter every season… or more depending on pets, or where you live.   Cities the air quality is impacted through pollution that some of the soot and other air particles can come into the home if you leave your windows open.  


If you have allergies, the air filter can protect you in a way by catching the pollen that might get into your home and get pulled through the cold air return in the air duct system.   If you have troubles breathing sitting or lying down, or you have allergies to dust mites then again you want to clean the filter. 

Do you need to have your air ducts and furnace cleaned?   You should do it every 3 – 5 years depending on renovations, if you have pets, or the amount of dust that might come into your home. 

The HVAC system is there to keep you warm in the winter, cold in the summer and provides that air flow that you want.   There are many types of allergies that could be impacted a bit the inside air quality of your home.   


Proper maintenance of your furnace with the air filter being replaced regularly and your furnace and AC cleaned will do a few things.

  1. Prolong the life of your furnace with proper care
  2. Lower energy bills.
  3. Help with the air quality of your home.

You can easily extend your furnace life simply by the air filter getting changed as it doesn’t work harder to force the air through your home.  If you have a clogged air filter, the blower fan will need to work harder to draw air into work efficiently.  Thus, forcing more energy to work.  


There are also types of filters (depending on size and type of your filter).  The standard filter Merv 8 is thick enough to catch most of the daily dust, pet hair, and particles that float through your home.  Merv 13 is the thickest but can catch everything right down to a virus molecule. 

NOTE: It hasn’t been proven that Covid-19 as a virus in the air can be stopped, but if it was true there is a likely chance that Merv 13 could easily stop it from circulating through the home.   


Allergies in the home
Allergies in the home at this time of year. Time to change the filter in your furnace

The charcoal filter has many benefits that include helping with cigarette, cigar smoke odors, mold spores, gases in the home, they also can stop the dust and debris. This is especially handy for those that have asthma symptoms, or an immune system that you are concerned about.  

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