Air filter blocks virus


Can an air filter block a virus? The quick answer is yes… but there is more to this quick answer. Vacu-Man has been cleaning furnaces and air ducts for over 45 years. As an Air Duct Cleaning company, we know that being stuck in the house, during isolation because of covid-19 for so long we sometimes forget the air quality is critical.

If you’re suffering from allergies you probably already know this. It’s spring, and with this amazing season comes the challenge of allergies. Opening the windows to get that ventilation system of fresh air also means you’re pulling in a lot of pollen into the home; so we may be relying on the air conditioning to cool us down.

Public Health measures based on, in addition to the fear of covid-19 and the lack of knowledge understanding how it works and how it’s transmitted continues to be a major concern across the globe.


In a recent article it was shared that air ventilation and air filters for hvac systems can help clean the air in your home but there is a theory that mechanical ventilation with a proper air filter could reduce the spread of the virus. It’s been proven that the furnace air filter replaced does a few things


Air filters will help keep your furnace running more efficiently. A new fresh air filter allows less restriction on the blower fan. The more clogged an air filter is the more electrical power is required for the blower fan to work
Air quality improves with new air furnace filters. Depending on the type of the air filter you get. It can help with removing dust, fur, and even microbes as small as a virus. Yes, even a covid-19 virus
Removes dust and debris from blowing back into the home and improves air flow. one of the best benefits of a Canadian made air filter.

Social distancing can be a challenge when it comes to the air quality in the home it’s always best to change your canadian-made air filter at least monthly at a minimum every three months or by the season. You should clean your ductwork at minimum as well every three years. If you have pets or you’re a smoker, or use candles it’s usually good to have your ducts and furnace cleaned more often…as an example every 2 years.

Research is still to be developed but according to this article it was stated that air purifiers along with a new air filter could possibly assist with removing some of the virus that could be floating in the house.


It is advised to always make sure you have an air filter to properly vent the air in the home but also if you have an air purifier you can also assist with cleaning the air in the main rooms of your home or office. This could reduce the risk of infection in the case of covid-19. The most important is to reduce the spread of covid-19. This simple update and change can help with this

If you’re looking for a Canadian made furnace air filter that is capable of blocking those virus microbes you’re going to want to get an air filter that is at least a Merv 13. This is a thicker air filter that can block viruses, even the smallest particles that can be sucked through the ductwork into your furnace.

NOTE: thicker the furnace air filter, the more often you’ll want to change it.

The air that circulated constantly throughout your home when clean will help you breathe better. According to a research study out in LA it was noted that when the ducts were cleaned, students performed much better on mathematical tests. Imagine how well you will work and how productive you’ll be with proper air ventilation in your home.

The most important is to make sure that you change your air filter, no matter what filter size you have, on a regular basis. As a family-run business, Vacu-Man is your top choice for duct cleaning services as we’ve been around for 45 years, and we have great pride in providing only 100% Canadian made products. Vacu-Man furnace air filters are made 100% in Canada.

You can purchase online or give us a call and we can assist you with getting a good quality air filter for your furnace. Your lungs will thank you!