mold in air ducts



How to remove mold in the ducts is a common question that is asked. Followed by, can Vacu-man remove mold from the air duct system? Keep in mind, many air duct systems are treated with an oil-based covering that allows it to be protected from having anything stick to the surface of the inside. In addition, this also allows for any dust and debris to be easily removed.

That said, overtime air duct systems can get damaged with the systems being scratched thus allowing for the building up of debris, and should moisture occur where the air ducts are not treated it could lease to rusting. Over time, moisture build up on any dust, hair and particles in the air duct system or the furnace become a food source for mold.   That mold spore growth then would be circulated through the home air environment.  


The furnace system is most likely where rust could occur (over many years) and further where the moisture can accumulate thereby creating over time of mold build-up. This can be created on the A-coil, just above the heat exchange or sometimes within the blower fan casing. It is a rare situation where a mold built up can occur.  This is rare primarily due to the fact that air is flowing through your ventilation system thereby causing any wetness or moisture to dry out.   

During the summer and warmer seasons setting your air conditioner to a very low degree can create condensation and moisture. We recommend that you keep the airflow always moving through your HVAC system by keeping the blower fan on at all times. Not only will the air flow assist with keeping it cool, it also is more energy efficient to keep the blowerfan on versus the electricity power it takes to fire it up and turn it off every time the AC kicks in.


Remember It doesn’t hurt to have the blower fan running at all times as it keeps the air circulating and any moisture that is in the air duct system can be evaporated.   Furnaces, can build up water moisture but that could be for other reasons.  We’ve outlined this in more detail with reference to water in the furnace.  Air duct system mold can occur and to properly remove and ensure that it is cleaned on a regular basis it is probably a good idea to have your air duct systems cleaned every 3 to 5 years. This will limit the amount of hair, dust, debris that can get into your air duct system and your furnace from being able to grow mold throughout the air system.

Vacu-Man highly recommends not to spray any chemicals into the air duct system.  Chlorine which is highly effective to kill mold and prevent mold from happening, can cause more damage due to the fact that it circulates in the air at your home or office. This is not a recommended situation for what you should do. If you do have your air duct systems and air handler with mold… cleaning it may not be the solution. You may need to replace the air ducts and further if you do have mold in the furnace, you will want to speak with a service technician to assist in properly removing and replacing parts. 


Proper maintenance of cleaning your furnace and air duct system will help prevent those situations that can lead to mold. Your indoor air quality being clean will limit the amount of allergic reactions and health issues that could occur. Make sure you hire an air duct  cleaning service that cleans the air vents, the air conditioning, and your entire HVAC system including evaporator coils to ensure that any dust and debris buildup that can create a mold situation due to the excess moisture does not happen.

Want to learn more about mold, you can visit the EPA website on mold and control

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