Adam Oldfield Paul Harris Award

Community Champions and Recipients of the Paul Harris Award

It is with great pride that we announce Adam Oldfield, president of Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning, and Director of Communications for the Rotary Club of Hamilton, as the esteemed recipient of the Paul Harris Award for 2023. This prestigious recognition is an affirmation of Adam’s dedication to community service, a commitment he shares with his wife and business partner, Michelle Oldfield.

Adam and Michelle’s excitement was palpable when they received news of Adam’s nomination and subsequent award. This prestigious recognition only adds to their shared enthusiasm to continue supporting the community programs initiated by the Rotary Club of Hamilton.

The Rotary Club of Hamilton has been part of the community fabric for over 110 years, providing unwavering support to the local community. Among their initiatives is a free summer literacy camp for underprivileged children, a testament to the Rotary’s commitment to education and equality.

The couple’s involvement extends even further. In association with Cathy Wever School, the Rotary Club of Hamilton provides warm meals and gifts to children in the inner city who might otherwise not have the opportunity to receive these. Adam and Michelle’s dedication to these causes highlights their shared vision of a fair and inclusive community where no child is left without a meal or a gift to bring joy.


Michelle Oldfield, Vice President of Vacu-Man and an Aboriginal Mohawk Bay of Quinte, oversees the day-to-day operations of the business alongside Adam. Together as a husband-and-wife team, they run the family business in Hamilton. Their leadership showcases not only diversity but also a commitment to quality and service that makes the Hamilton community proud.

Adam’s voice extends beyond the world of business to the tech world as the host of TechTalk on 900 CHML, sponsored by Vacu-Man. Every Friday at 11:30am, he keeps his audience informed and engaged with the latest in technology.

Vacu-Man is a 40-year-old family-run business started by Adam’s father in 1980. Under Adam and Michelle’s stewardship, the business continues to be an integral part of the Hamilton community. Their commitment to community service and local development, both through their business and personal involvement, is admirable.

Hamilton is not just where Adam and Michelle run their business; it’s their home. Their dedication to serving their community, both as business leaders and as volunteers, is a testament to their love for their city. The recent Paul Harris Award only serves to highlight their tireless efforts and commitment to making Hamilton a better place.

Adam and Michelle Oldfield’s leadership at Vacu-Man and their contribution to the community through the Rotary Club of Hamilton inspire hope. Their tireless work and dedication to service are a testament to why they were chosen for the Paul Harris Award. We look forward to witnessing how their continued efforts will positively impact the Hamilton community in the years to come.