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Over the past few years, the air duct cleaning industry has experienced a surge in air duct cleaning scams. If you live in Ontario, you probably might have received a call with the caller pitching an amazingly cheap air duct cleaning offer for $99 to have your air ducts cleaned. This is one of the tactics employed by these scammers to milk you of your money and leave you frustrated and angry.


For healthy living and the safety of your home, it is imperative you make sure your air duct system functions properly. One way to achieve this is by making sure your air duct system is clean — free of dust and allergens. A clean air duct improves the quality of airflow in your home. For this reason, it is important you employ the services of qualified, certified, and experienced professionals. So, how can you differentiate scammers from professionals? Here’s how you can tell and protect yourself.


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Duct Cleaning Scam $99

Scammers usually advertise at an attractive rate usually starting at $99 – imagine a quote of $99 to clean your entire air duct system. These companies schedule an appointment for about 1 hour, which is only enough for them to clean what you can see. These companies do an abysmal job, leaving behind dirt and dust to pollute the air you breathe. 

REALITY is that $99 soon becomes $1,200.

Another common air duct cleaning scam involves the use of bait and switch tactics through telemarketing. You would receive a call from an individual representing an air duct cleaning company offering to clean your entire air duct system at a mouth-watering price of $99. Once the technician representing the company arrives at your home, they would start work immediately, so that you are unable to send them back. They would work for a little while and then inform you that the problem is more than what was initially thought and that you’ll need more work done. They use this opportunity to offer more services for additional fees.  

The Hamilton Spectator in August 2022 reported a family that was given this price of $99 and was $1,200 when they finished. In addition, when there was an issue the company closed and are no longer to be found.

They make claims of discovering mold in the ducts, but they don’t stop there, they then try to scare you into paying for more services you most likely don’t require. These technicians will continue to pitch to you about how not accepting their offer of more services can be harmful to the health of a child or an elderly person in the home and potentially damage your furnace.


To protect yourself from the numerous scams that are out there targeting homeowners, here are some tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of air duct scams.

Look out for warning signs

  • When an offer seems too-good-to-be-true, then it probably is. Be on the lookout for such offers and avoid them. Avoid the pitfall of thinking you can get the job done for a peanut price. Although employing the services of a reputable company to clean your air duct may seem costly, bear in mind that the higher price is worth it in the long run.
  • You could also be asked for cash up front, or that paying with cash allows a special discount offer, say “NO” to such deals, they are designed to prevent you from tracing them when they’ve pulled off the scam. 
  • Reputable companies will rarely call you out of the blue to pitch an incredibly cheap cleaning offer. If you ever receive an unexpected call pitching a mouthwatering cheap deal, do not hesitate to hang up.  
  • If the company insists on giving you a quote in person or over the phone, this is a red flag! Scammers use this tactic to escalate prices once they get to your home. Make sure the contract contains detailed information about the services performed.


Make sure to hire professionals with experience and a reputation for exceptional air duct cleaning services. You can do this by using any search engine to check for the company’s longevity and also read up reviews about previous services offered by the company. 

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