July in Canada, tends to be hot, humid and it’s a time when many Canadians in the Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville area are looking to do renovations.   If you installed a new air conditioner, or a new furnace in your home you might feel like you’ve got the shiny new in perfect condition product. However, this is the time when you need to have your furnace and air ducts cleaned.   


It’s around this time of year that we get a lot of calls after a home renovation or a new furnace installation including an air conditioner installed in a home.  These installations create a lot of rubble that falls inside your heating and cooling system (AC coil) or possibly even inside the blower fan area. This is when you want to have your furnace cleaned.  Vacu-Man has worked a lot of recently installed furnace and air conditioner, and it was amazing how much debris from drywall, drill dust or other contents fall inside the furnace area.

It’s always good to make sure your furnace is running in top condition and there’s nothing more exciting than knowing you have a brand new air conditioner to keep cool.  Vacu-Man would be more than happy to assist in making sure that your home is truly spotless clean after any installation or renovation that you’ve done to help with the indoor air quality.


This includes any new dryer that you install for your home; it’s always good to clean the dryer and dryer duct, from lint building in that area.  The clothes dryer over years will plug up the dryer vent that can be a serious fire hazard.   Dryer fires happen through the air vents and from lint traps in the dryer exhaust that don’t get cleaned, even after you install a new dryer.  

Most importantly enjoy the heat, Canada only has a few months of warm weather before we start to feel the cool temperatures upon us and at that time you have to turn the furnace on. We ensure that your air duct system and your air conditioning and furnace unit is properly cleaned (new or old).

Our expert licensed gas technicians have the expertise and capability of ensuring that we clean your entire HVAC unit from top to bottom.   Remember to ask if your Duct Cleaning team are licensed, as many claim to be “Duct Cleaning Certified” and are trained through a program not sanctioned by the Ontario Government.   These NADCA members are not all fully government licensed technicians.  

Vacu-Man does have on staff licensed gas techs serving Burlington, Oakville or any furnace and air duct cleaning in Hamilton.