WEHBA - West End Home Builders Association

WEHBA - West End Home Builders Association

As a proud member of the West End Home Builders Association (WEHBA), Vacu-Man is excited to carry forward its partnership into the upcoming year. WEHBA, a community that represents an ongoing challenge to construct quality homes within specified timelines and regulations, presents us with the chance to connect and collaborate with numerous businesses that we’ve established solid relationships with.

Vacu-Man is a family-owned and operated HVAC cleaning business, with a legacy stretching over 40 years. Initiated by Stephen Oldfield, the reins have been transferred to his son Adam Oldfield and his wife, Michelle Oldfield. At Vacu-Man, our family is committed to maintaining a high standard of service and quality for all our clients, something we’ve prided ourselves on since our inception.

Vacu-Man proud member of WEHBA

Being active members of WEHBA not only aligns with our aspirations to contribute to the Hamilton Burlington area’s development but also emphasizes our dedication to the quality and service we provide. Our continued participation with WEHBA showcases our desire to collaborate with like-minded individuals committed to excellence and the prosperity of the local community.

Vacu-Man, adhering to TSSA regulated Ontario government rulings, brings more than four decades of experience to the table when we step into your home. Our collaboration with various contractors is not only due to our long-standing reputation but also because we specialize in removing residual construction materials from the HVAC system once a home build is completed. We have been a top choice for ensuring proper HVAC cleaning before homeowners move in.

Our expert services extend to many contractors and restoration projects. We are among the top picks when it comes to fire regulation compliant dryer vent cleaning. We take immense pride in our work and ensure that each unit is thoroughly cleaned post-completion.

We are eager to continue our active membership with WEHBA, aiming to further our contributions to the community. Our commitment is to ensure the HVAC systems are thoroughly cleaned, enhancing indoor air quality for all users. As recent forest fires in Ontario and the general outdoor air quality affect indoor air, we strive to safeguard the health of the community. Considering the amount of time we spend indoors, especially in our homes, our effort is to ensure clean air quality for everyone. If you have any allergies or health concerns, our services can significantly assist you.

As the President of Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning and the Host of TechTalk on 900 CHML every Friday at 11:30am, sponsored by Vacu-Man, I am enthusiastic to contribute and connect with the WEHBA community.