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Burlington Real Estate agent uses Vacu-Man

Vacu-Man is recommended by those that have used us. We have existed for 40 years, for our dedication and commitment. These recommendations have come from Burlington Real Estate and Oakville Real Estate brokers. Vacu-Man is the quintessential family business – established in 1980 by Steven Oldfield with just one truck in Burlington, Ontario, Vacu-Man has evolved over the last four decades to become the foremost provider of HVAC cleaning services in Southern Ontario. From the start, Vacu-Man has prided itself on setting high standards of service and personal care that simply can’t be matched by a larger organization.

VACU-MAN – Family Owned and Operated

Customers always receive more personalized attention when they go with Vacu-Man; it’s no wonder that Vacu-Man’s services have been so successful. Aside from offering professional air duct cleaning, Vacu-Man, which is still locally owned and operated today by Adam Oldfield (son of Steven), also helps clients with furnace and dryer vent cleanings. No matter what their HVAC needs may be, Vacu-Man is definitely worth considering for quality service and personal attention for over 40 years! …An unbeatable combination you won’t get anywhere else! It’s no surprise Vacu-man is trusted time and time again for all your furnace and air duct cleaning needs. Vacu-man truly is a family friendly business worth returning to again & again! Don’t forget to experience the Vacu-man difference today!


It’s always exciting to move into a new home, or even just complete a big renovation to your current home. But the air ducts and furnace may not be as clean or fresh as you’d like to think. If your house is brand-new, air duct cleaning is a must before you move in! Unfortunately, construction dust isn’t the only thing that can accumulate in air ducts over time – pet dander and other allergens might have been left behind by the previous owners. Even if you’re just finishing a renovation yourself, air duct cleaning should be at the top of your list!

No matter what the situation may be, air duct cleaning is important for maintaining good air quality in your home. And don’t forget about the furnace – it definitely needs a thorough cleaning as well!

Roshan Basnet – Oakville and Burlington Real Estate

ROSHAN BASNET – Oakville and Burlington Real Estate

Roshan Basnet – Oakville and Burlington Real Estate broker recently had his home remodeled and needed to get the left over drywall dust and construction material out of the system. Roshan chose our team at Vacu-Man Furnace and duct cleaning to do the job because he wanted it done right. It was a fortunate opportunity to clean Roshan’s home after all that hard work remodeling.

Ridding Roshan’s house of debris was one enormous job, but Vacu-Man handled it with professionalism and great care. We made sure every corner in Roshan’s home furnace and air ducts was clean from unwanted dust particles, using our duct cleaning technology combined with diligent workmanship; Roshan can finally come back home without feeling worried or guilty about the mess we see on construction sites in his air ducts!


If you are looking to have your furnace, air ducts, dryer vent or even to have a 12 point furnace inspection. Get a free estimate at VacuMan.com